Thursday, May 24, 2007

Dancin' Darlin'

Wow, the dance recital is SATURDAY!! *freaks out* But I am really excited, I've enjoyed dancing so much and wish I'd started 15 years ago! Next year I'm going to take Clogging, Tap/Ballet, and Hip hop. I feel weird about starting Tap and Ballet at 18 years old, but Kristen told me not to worry about it. So I'm gonna do it! Even if my classmates are 4 year olds!

Bonnie is coming up tomorrow evening, then me, her and Jessica Olsen (she's staying here till Sunday/Monday while her dad is out of town) and maybe Stephen and Danielle are gonna see Pirates of the Carribean #3, woohoo! Then Saturday comes... the DANCE RECITAL! Luckily, my dance is next-to-the-last of the first part of the recital. That can be good or bad, but I'm calling it good.

I love to dance. <3 Hopefully I'll get accepted on the '08 Summer/Fall track or '08-'09 Fall Winter track at BYU-I so I can complete my second year of dance. Anyways, right now I've got to go figure out how/when I'm gonna get my allergy shots and go see a stable at 1:00.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007


School is over. YES! I got an A in Biology, B in English, and S (=satisfactory) in Geometry. Whoop dee doo, I'm just glad it's over. Though I do thank the Lord for those wonderful grades, there were so many tests where things just "came" to me that I'm sure I couldn't've remembered if I hadn't prayed previously.

Jer got hit. April 26th, 2007. It was the next-to-the-worst-day-of-my-life. I was turning left through a four lane divided highway. The lane closest to me was stopped and the Lady had just waved Sabina over and was still stopped for me. So, I looked in the lane beside her (between the cars and stuff, it wasn't completely invisible), and I didn't see anyone. I pulled up to the Median and then the car just hit me while I was looking to the right at the other oncoming lane that I was trying to turn into. The people looked so MAD at me, the guy was yelling and hollering - though I couldn't hear him - and I was so scared. I sobbed the whole time, every time I told someone new about it I sobbed. I got a ticket for "Failure to Yield Right-a-way" and the people in the other car went to the emergency room to get checked out. x_x I never NEVER want to drive again, but I am... the "Ugly Blue Buggy" I call it. It's a diesel isuzu i-mark, WHO has EVER heard of an I-MARK?! It's a 1981, an antique!

Justin's neck reined! He knows and obeys it for the most part, it's just when we're passing by the open gate in the ring that he likes to not listen. I'm still working with him to perfect it so that I can turn a barrel with just the neck rein, but he's got all the basics and knows what it means now. WOOOOOOOOOT! Buuuuut, mine and Justin's relationship has gone kaput. For one, I've never really taught him to stand still, so whenever I tie him up he's CONSTANTLY moving and it's obnoxious. Plus, he's gotten hard to bridle, and he detests the saddle. The vet came and we finally found a saddle that fits, so I ordered it and they gave me a square skirt instead of a round skirt... >_>. But, I was impatient, went and put it on him and decided to keep it. (Oh, and he dumped it on the ground because he was moving around so much!) So I am really going to have to start at the beginning again. It's all my fault! I've been so quick to anger lately and smacked him on the nose and chest too often; been jerky with the lead rope too often; now he's gotten a little bit headshy, and its all my fault. I feel terrible. So I'm going to work slowly and surely w/Parelli games/Clinton Anderson groundwork, and then work on standing still and ground tying.

I will NOT ride Justin until he stands still GROUND TIED for 10 minutes and while Me or Sabina brushes him all over and saddles him up.

I lost my camera la digital. But oh well, the thing sucked anyways. I joined a photography group on yahoo and the moderator made a site with all sorts of info and lessons on aperture, shutter speed, etc. and I've learned loads! So I started shooting Mom's Minolta that she gave me, and I've done 6 rolls of film already! I'm picking them all up from being developed tomorrow. I also bought a book on photography from Amazon today, including "Body For Life" because this is my 9th week of exercising!!! WOOOT! Anyways, I'm done typing.