Monday, September 29, 2008

Terrible Thanksgiving

So... I'm really sad. And since no one reads this blog, I can just rant! I miss home, my family and my horse. For some stupid reason I thought it would be a good idea to come back here and stay off-track, WAS I STUPID?! I love it, don't get me wrong, but I'm missing everything I do at home right now. There is SO much going on in Virginia right now!!!

- Leaves changing colors
- Decorating the house for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas
- Going to Fall Renaissance Faires
- Chilly Fall Air
- Watching Justin's coat get thicker each week
- Leaves...Leaves... and MORE Leaves! All Over the place, all over the ground!
- Family time with Thanksgiving and Christmas

I miss it...ALOT, and I'm not sure why I'm here at BYU-Idaho right now. Don't get me wrong, I'm enjoying my time here, but my time at home just seems so much more appealing. I'm not dating anyone here, I'm not involved in anything really with school other than some classes, and I'm not involved with horses at ALL. Mom, Sabina, Sarah, Laura, Grandmama and Sarah's boys are all going to the State Fair today... I've been wanting to go ever since we moved to Rocky Mount 9 years ago! It was our tradition and now they're picking it back up where we left it!!!

And now, Mom is taking away my only source of immeadiate family by shipping Becca and her family back to VIRGINIA for Thanksgiving! I didn't think it'd bother me, but now... *sigh*

Monday, September 1, 2008

Day Date for Distraction

Okay, I was very homesick this morning (read post below), called Mom, cried a little, but she of course helped me to feel so much better. I love my mom. Anyways, I decided I needed something to distract me because all of my friends that are up here right now are occupied elsewhere today, so... I made the trip to Idaho Falls (that I'd been planning). Got on Google around 11am, got directions to Target and headed out.

Wow. The directions were crap, dumped me off on an exit 7 miles before Idaho Falls, I went off it and on some other roads for an HOUR, ended up retracing my steps, getting back on 20, then going off a different exit which took me right next to the temple and some dam of sorts (oh, maybe the Teton Dam? haha), I stopped at a Wal-mart (everywhere I'd been looked like a trashier part of town, so when I saw the temple and then wal-mart I was relieved), went inside, it was SUPER busy but also a SUPER big walmart, got a sandwich, asked for directions to Target. So, I arrived at Target TWO HOURS after I left to go there, when it normally should've taken me 40 minutes max?

I browsed Target for close to an hour, maybe over. All I purchased were pants for work and a super cute shirt because I felt like the prices of the clothes were too expensive. Oh, I also got double stick foam things and push pins to mount my cork squares on my wall. I browsed college items for awhile (they have all of these 'college 08!' items), but resisted the bed risers until I know if I need special ones for wheeled beds. Then I went in a different clothing store, tried on some clothes, ditched 'em and went to Michael's. At Michael's I got the stuff for... well, it's a surprise. Then I went to Pet Co, looked over hamsters, birds, fish, etc. I really want a hamster, and since I have no animals here it wouldn't be neglected! Problem is, while its not in our contract, I don't know if it'd be okay to have and our Landlady is super strict so I better not chance it. We're gonna get fish though, maybe one... maybe two... I dunno. I looked over beta tanks and smaller aquariums for awhile, and of course went and stared at this adorable Teddy Bear male hamster. I wanted him.

I then went to the mall. Went through JC Penny and literally went in the changing rooms 4 times! I had a buttload of clothes each time too! But... none of the sweaters looked good on me, it was really disappointing. But, I did discover that I'm not a size 12 in women's or a size 13 in juniors -- I'm a size 10 in women's and a size 11 in junior's!!! No wonder all my pants have to have belts with them! They had corduroy's on sale for $20 bucks a pair, really cute corduroys and I'd been wanting a pair, but... I didn't get 'em. Went into Old Navy, tried on some shirts and discovered (and remembered!) that I HATE the way Old Navy's clothes fit, they just get longer and not much wider and just suck to your sides. I discovered that I really do gain weight on the sides ('love handles') and even though I've dropped 2 1/2 pant sizes, no shirts that grip you at ALL look good on me because of my nasty fat on the sides. A big disappointment, but I was happy about the pant size.

Also dropped in Barnes and Noble, found the 4th and 5th books of the Bloody Jack series, then went and tried to find the only Manga I've ever read because it's so funny, but they didn't have it. So... I left. Went by Arby's on the way back and got a Martha's Vineyard Salad, omitted the sliced almonds, choked down 2 of the 3 tomatoes, and only used a little less than half of my lite ranch packet. Drank all my water.

I was gonna retrace my steps to get back on 20, well... I retraced them at least 3 times, and FINALLY got onto highway 20 25 mins later! Rode it all the way to Rexburg, then I decided that I would treat myself to some ice cream that I would savour. I went to Coldstone Creamery for the first time in my whole life, sampled this new frozen yogurt (it's plain frozen yogurt, literally! 25 calories) and some other flavors, but ended up getting the smallest size of Cake Batter ice cream because I wanted to splurge. I was tempted to get mix-ins, but I resisted! Took it and went to Porter Park, walked around in the FREEZING cold (well, freezing for eating ice cream and it only being September 1st), allowed my fingers to turn red and got back in my car.

I ended the day by going to the temple's parking lot. Basically I looked at the view from up there, gawked and gazed at the temple, took some pictures and headed back to the Kay's house. I arrived at 7:30pm. It was an 8 hour trip!

It poured rain here in Rexburg yesterday, but today it didn't rain here at all yet it poured rain in Idaho Falls. Oh, and it's 46 degrees outside. :) I love it.

Fall Favorites

It's amazing what idleness does to your brain and your mind. All my friends are occupied today, and I don't start work till Wednesday. I am really having a hard time...

It's getting chillier here which makes me SO excited for Fall, decorating for Halloween, going to Becca's for Thanksgiving, and eventually decorating for/having Christmas! But, it also reminds me of decorating for Halloween with Sabina, making Christmas decorations, driving on Five Mile Mountain Road with the GORGEOUS fall colors surrounding you, going to the apple orchard place and picking out pumpkins and apples by the dozens. Most of all, the outdoors with the animals and their fuzzy coats, watching their breath steam into the cold air as they bleat while I feed them. Watching Justin's coat gradually thicken, riding him in the cold air all bundled up in coat, scarf, gloves, watching his breath steam into the air as he turns his bridled head to look at a deer that runs past. There's such a peaceful quiet serenity about riding in the Fall, hearing the bridle clink around as Justin moves his head in time with his foot falls. It's so nice when your fingers are chilly from being ungloved as you're trying to do something with your horse, so you seek shelter under their mane where it's REALLY warm.

I miss that. Alot. Hopefully once school starts I'll get distracted and it won't bother me so much, but... Fall is my absolute favorite season, and there's so much that makes it that way. I think its gonna be harder being away from home this time... aLOT harder.