Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Happy July!

Well, the trek was F.U.N.!!! It was one of the BEST experiences of my life and I thoroughly enjoyed it - I didn't want to leave! :) I can state assuredly that it was my favorite and best Youth Conference EVER.

We're still trying to get a horse trailer. :-/ Dad offered 2,000 for the Marr's, the guy said he wanted to talk to the other people interested, and then he left a message for Dad the other day saying that they fell through, he was gonna get it inspected and he was going out of town. But apparently his wife told Cathy that they were accepting our offer! O_O... so I told Dad to call and he got ALL upset at me and was like "I don't want to spend TWO THOUSAND dollars for the trailer!" but I just ignored him and he called. They didn't answer of course, but he did leave a message. I hope if this is meant to go through that it'll just GO THROUGH! Oh goodness, it's so obnoxious waiting for everything to just happen. I've been waiting for a horse trailer since the end of February.

Tonight me, Laura, Stephen, Danielle, Keith and some woman, and maybe Carrie and Brandy are going to the Fair! I'm excited! Lately though, I've been super excited-and-anxious to go to a Rennaissance Faire again... I want to go to the Maryland Ren Faire, and I'm going to make an elf-ish-type dress to match the green and silver circlet I got at the NC Ren Faire so I can go as a mythical creature instead of a peasant wench. I regret buying the circlet though, I just don't necessarily like how it looks... oh well!