Friday, August 24, 2007


I'm taking Irish Step/Tap now!!! :D I've ALWAYS wanted to take it since I started doing Hip Hop at the Y, but it always said on the signup sheet that you needed either two years of tap and ballet. And this year she put THREE years of tap. Well, I went to her and asked her if I could take Irish privately, and she said I could just try the class! So, with only one opening left, I signed up and it was AWESOME! Three of the girls that took Beginner Clogging with me last year were there, one of whom is Meaghan (I think that's how she spells it) and we get along really well, so it was nice to have some friendly faces. There were alot of cloggers though, so I suppose clogging was good enough to have. I think it's basically learning the shuffle on the ball of your toe (which takes a while to learn and do it well and fast) and building strength in your legs. EVERY move in irish is done in a "Tight 5th", stomach sucked in, butt sucked in, legs straight and feet in 5th position. Also, every move is done on the balls of your feet, so you have to build some strong calf muscles too.

But it was soooo much fun! Even though this was the 4th class, I picked up right on stuff and we learned "Irishes" "Single...Buffs?" and two other things I can't remember the name of. In fact, I'm not sure the single buffs were called that, they were just single somethings. But we did them all together and it looked so good!!! Since we've all done tap or clogging everyone picked up on it fast and we were all in sync and it was so cool!!!! I've been wanting to do it ever since I first saw "Riverdance" hahaha, I guess that sounds so silly but I have! Plus, I think we might be doing Reel Around the Sun for our recital piece, which is my FAVORITE Riverdance Dance. But I'm not entirely sure, I could be totally wrong.

Anyways, now I have Clogging on Mondays, Hip Hop on Tuesdays and Irish Tap on Thursdays. My legs are becoming stronger already I can tell, but I told myself no irish today because the muscles/tendons running down each side of my shin bone hurt and it's from doing Irish on the balls of my feet and bucks in clogging. So no bucks or Irish today, which is really hard to keep myself from doing!! It's so fun!!

Monday, August 20, 2007

btw, horse trailer

Oh and by the by: we got the horse trailer we were looking at. :) Took Justin to Bonnie's in July and had an awesome time trail riding ALL OVER the place!

Master Clogging, yay!

I love clogging. <333 It's only been a year since I started, and I'm already in the master class. I'm not trying to brag though, I think clogging is probably the easiest shoe-with-tap form of dance. It's like a more energetic form of flat footing. Plus, I practiced my butt off and took private classes during the summer to prepare for it. And I made it!

Today was my second time at Master Class, and I LOVED IT! We worked on new steps, quizzed with steps, and practiced moving in groups. For instance, we all lined up (there were 7 of us) shoulder-to-shoulder and then doing 12 single bucks turned clockwise in a line. It was HARD but super fun! Imagine holding a stick in the middle and turning it completely around. Yep, it looked cool and I know it'll look cooler once we master it.

Oh and I discovered my first class that I 'm now in the competition because the dance we have requires pairs and a girl dropped out so now there's an odd number and I had to step in. Ha! For some reason I was thinking it'd be funny if she asked me to be on the competition team, and she has! Luckily, I'm getting alot better at our dance and it's really awesome choreography and fun to do. I really only originally tried out for masters, but the girls who were trying for competition (they were already in masters) did the same audition I did. I can't wait till we do some performances though, I hope the master clogging performs at the apple festival again this year! :D