Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Silly and not so silly Sickness

I just got over being sick from Sunday to Monday. Barf! But not literally, I had a sore throat and runny nose and the whole bit. Now I get to hawk up yellowish mucus because I have a sinus infection, YAY! :D Actually, I AM grateful I got sick, because now I won't be sick on the Beach Ride. I was so afraid that I might, since I had a sore throat on my first trek, and now I have reason to relax and rejoice!

Last night I got up out of bed and met Brittney, Cathy and Darren at my barn to get Justin. So we loaded him up (No problem!), secured him and took him to their house. He was a little antsy while they were moving, because her trailer's significantly bigger (it's a draft horse trailer we both assume) and he was trying to turn around. We put him in Twister's stall and put Twister in Cruise's old stall, and they got along great!

Sad news: Sunday, my friend Brittney's 25+ year old gelding "Cruise" got colic, twisted his intestines and had to be euthanized. It was really sad, but better to be there and say goodbye than to wake up one morning and find him dead. She got to say goodbye this way. Twister (her other horse) was pretty devastated. The next morning when she let her out, she ran around whinnying for Cruise (she was really herdbound to Cruise) and couldn't find him, but then she found the spot where he was buried and just stayed there pawing and sniffing the ground. :( She was SO happy to see Justin, and just stood there with her nose touching his withers. Awww!

It's a good thing we brought Justin over Monday instead of Wednesday (because we're leaving for the beach on Thursday) so Twister could get distracted with another horse and not pine away for Cruise before the beach ride.

Monday, October 22, 2007


So the Ren Faire was fun!!! All the pictures are on my facebook, and http://s162.photobucket.com/albums/t259/MarysCwby/ <--here. Captions will provide you with enough information to satisfy what all happened. It was good, except we got yelled at (by the unnamed senior and co-senior "adults" of the group) several times, and were bossed around with unfeeling meanness without giving us a nice "first chance" to obey. *sigh* Oh well, I still had a good time! Me, Sara and Bryan W., Brandy, Sabina, Kate and her mom Lisa all went. My one regret is that I didn't go see my cousins :( But it was fun, I bought a drum! And a belt and a mugstrap and an awesome hat! (which Dad is wearing in one of the pictures, and Laura is posing in one with my drum)

Dance class today was fun, we learned a couple clogging moves from "All That!" cloggers that do precision and were on America's Got Talent! Pretty cool move, it's hard though and they don't have names for their moves OR timing for them. So.... while they're a little unorganized in that department, they're still great! And we finished learning the "Ain't No Other Man" dance for competition. FINALLY! I just need to practice!

Oh, our current Elders are real fun and Elder Orth told me (after I told him I'd talk to Sabina and David about the missionary discussions) said that he could hook me up with another Elder that rides horses, does hawking or hawkery or whatever you're supposed to call it, also sings and plays guitar. WOW! :D Hahaha, so now that I have my husband already picked out... >.<

I'm gonna be super busy this week! I just got back from the Ren Faire, but me and Jon are going to buy stuff for our Halloween Activity for ALL single adults and high school seniors that's THIS Friday night. THEN I have ACT's (for the 2nd time) on Saturday, and then afterwards Danielle talked to me about going to this Sleepy Hollow thing at the Explore Park (which is closing down because its funding was cut off!), then next Wednesday night OR Thursday morning me and Justin are leaving for the Beach Ride! Which we won't be back until Sunday! GAH! >.< Life is SO busy, and I need to squeeze practicing my clogging in everyday this week, and there's still allergy shots that need to be done, etcetera!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Good ole Justin!

Me and Sabina went to the Timed Event Finals at the barn on Saturday, and took some adorably cute pictures with Justin. Watching all the stuff really motivated us both: Sabina to lope/canter more and learn to sit it, and Me to work harder at training Justin and work on barrels and poles with him. It was really fun, and a really good lookin' guy won the Team Roping belt buckle. Oh yeah, it also motivated me to earn a belt buckle one day! I really want one!

Then we rode yesterday morning and he did GREAT! We did the barrels, Sabina loped alot and he stayed at the rail and didn't drift. I personally think the hackamore we used made all the difference, plus I think Sabina's gotten more confident and balanced all around. :D I contacted Aspen about taking lessons from her (trailering Justin down there), perhaps every other week. It'll be nice for me and Sabina, and we can each do 30 minutes -which if we warm up before our lesson starts- we can do alot within those 30 minutes. I'm really excited to start! Aspen is such a great teacher and knows so much! Plus, she's never had a steady enough lesson program for me to really progress to riding the experienced horses (right now, she only teaches students with their own horses), she keeps stopping and picking back up. So hopefully I can just get going with Justin and when she starts back up again I can take regular lessons with hers.

Justin's saddle doesn't fit...still!!! It's not touching his back in the rear of the saddle at all, which means it's too large up front and is falling too far down on his withers. Sooooooo, I ordered a cutback/built-up pad which has extra padding built up at the withers for prominent withered horses. Well, his aren't REAL prominent, but maybe it can just help it fit better. Hopefully! *crosses fingers*

Thursday, October 4, 2007

despising procrastination

I should be doing schoolwork. Oh well! Just got back from the Freelands' this morning, they borrowed our horse trailer yesterday and I went with them to pick up a 16 month old colt from Floyd. It was really fun, we went all the way out there and met the long haired guy that trained him and some other horses. He had this gorgeous Tennessee Walker gelding that was a dark blue roan and had just turned 3 that he had trained. That horse was VERY well trained and doing so well! He was a very likeable guy, and the Freelands' might have him train Booberry, their 2 year old colt. Anyways, after dropping him off Heidi let me back up the trailer twice (because I told her that Dad wouldn't give me horse trailer driving lessons) and I did pretty good, then I drove it all the way to 40. xD We got there alot slower than usual, to say the least.

We dropped off the trailer and then I went back with them. Went to Wal*mart on the way home and then gathered up Jake, Kendall, Abby, Sam and Shelby and took them to Martinsville to go roller skating with their friends. So after that me, Hyla and Heidi watched this Gypsy Vanner breeding farm DVD and the Family Cancer Camp DVD which was really nice - they had a good time. I'm actually thinking of volunteering at the cancer camp. Heidi made some AWESOME shrimp stuff that was composed of shrimp, that round fish stuff that tastes so good (looks like a banana, I can't think of the name!), with zucchini, shell pasta, carrots, etc. it was DELICIOUS!!! We also had hot crispy french bread with it, which tasted wonderful dipped in a hunk of softened butter or in the sauce of the stuff itself. I really honestly wish I could repeat that meal!

I slept with Hyla and Shelby, and they made me dance irish a BUNCH before we all got in bed. I really honestly need to dance irish more because I don't have much stamina for it or ANYTHING. But last night I slept sooooo good, dunno why! Shelby's bed must've been really comfortable, and I also had a huge floor fan blowing on me... man, it was so comfortable. I haven't slept that well or been that comfortable in weeks!