Wednesday, February 18, 2009

All-Nighters are Overrated

Is it really smart to do what I'm doing?

I've known about this research paper for the entire semester, but I just NOW did it. The night before its due, no wait... the DAY its due! For my 7:45am Doctrine and Covenants class, I've been working on the research paper for it since 12am.

Okay, so not the entire time, but for three hours at least. And I -still- have to read over it, fix the documentation and figure out the MLA format on the works cited for the Book of Mormon and Doctrine and Covenants. Oh. Wait! I just looked at the spine of my triple combination and looks like they're just "Book of Mormon" and "Doctrine and Covenants" no 'the' in front.

Wow, that clears up alot of questions. But not about the two articles by Marion G. Romney...

Oh and btw, just to let ya know... it's 4:45am, my class is in 3 hours and looks like I'm pulling an all-nighter. Might just have to skip Communications and Math so I can regain some Z's before Horse Class and Adopt-a-Grandparent.