Thursday, August 28, 2008

Taco Time Employee!

Yup. I got a job! And I know it was because of the Lord, because I'd been praying and praying and hoping that I'd get a job I could walk to, and DREADING a job that I had to drive to... and I got one right across the street and down a building! YAY! It's fast food, but hey, someone's gotta do it and it'll give me responsibility and something to do. The man who hired me was awful kind about it; I could see he was really trying to justify hiring me, and finally he just did.

I hope he's blessed immensely for it, although I think he'd think a plate of homemade cookies from me would be kinda weird... oh well, the thought counts right?

I was handed an application by the cashier kids (well, not kids but college students) but I asked to see the manager anyways (thank you Sarah!). He talked to me and told me to come back at 2:30. Awesome, I felt a little more confident because he told me to come back. I did, and -not really meaning to- RIGHT as the clock struck 2:30. Well, those same 'kids' were there and were like, "Oh, came to drop off your application?" I didn't give it to them. I told them that the manager told me to come ask for him, so was he here? They said he was out running errands, I could wait if I wanted to? I'll wait. I told them, sat down and waited for 35 minutes and he arrived. He sat down in front of me, went to grab a pen (I didn't realize it was going to be an interview) and basically interviewed me... then hired me! It was so kind of him, he told me "I probably won't be able to give you many hours at first, but I don't want to turn you back 'on the streets' so-to-speak, many jobs out there?" I told him I'd tried 15 places so far, and he hired me. Good GOOD man!

I start next Wednesday at 3:30pm. I also told him -to the question 'how many hours would you like to work?'- to give me as many hours as he could. Hopefully it'll all work out. I am grateful. SO grateful!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Job Huntin'

I'm in Rexburg! Duh. I've been here since Sunday and I'm staying with these nice people that are friends of the Williamson's that used to be in our stake. They're really nice people, got a nice (big) house, a beautiful yard (that they tend just perfectly), got three horses, and all their kids are grown up and gone so they didn't mind me staying here. :) Ugh, but I've been job hunting...

I applied at Melaleuca, Dollar Tree, some Copy & Print place, Broulim's, Subway next door to my apartment, and the Rexburg Opinion Center. Of those, Dollar Tree and Broulim's were hiring; Melaleuca hires alot of students but I don't know how long it'll take them to review my application; the Rexburg Opinion Center I KNOW I have a job there, you just call 24-48 hrs after submitting your application and set up your group interview/orientation. The only problem is, I can only work night shifts (3:30pm-7:30pm) at the "ROC" and you have to work a minimum of 2 days (Mon-Thurs) and a minimum of 4 weekend days a month (Fri & Sat). I can only work that shift Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays because I have evening classes M-W. And, I'd really prefer a job elsewhere where I could work during the day 5-6 days a week.

I think I might just call them up and tell them it won't work out this time around. But at the same time, I -need- a job... how long should I wait? I applied at all of those places either yesterday or the day before...

Sunday, August 24, 2008

On the Road Again!

Except this time, we're driving ALL the way out to BYU-Idaho, not just from Alma's house to Rexburg.

Nothing exciting has happened really... just the usual, go through horse-filled Kentucky, stop in Nauvoo Illinois to see the temple and some buildings (about 3 hours we spent there), nab lots of postcards on the way and send 'em, mosey through Corn-covered Iowa, TONS of sunflower filled fields in VERY windy Nebraska, get some more postcards, then enter Wyoming and enjoy its beauty and spendor (seeing as how its one of my favorite states) then spend all day and well into the evening and darkness trying to get OUT of never-ending Wyoming, and then stopping a little ways short of Logan, Utah for the night at a Crystal Inn.

I ate way too much for breakfast this morning at the continental breakfast... In fact, I'm stuffed to uncomfortable-ness... >.<

Nauvoo was nice, there was a little shop there (actually, there were several, and all in old-fashioned and mostly original brick buildings with old signs - very cool!) that we stopped in, I got some postcards and they had Old Tyme-y Portraits... *dies* I was JUST talking to Brandy about how fun it would be to go to a place that did these and have 'em done! Too bad she wasn't with me, we would've wasted NO time in paying for them, dressing up and posing dramatically!

Lots of horses. All over. Lots of cowboys at one of the rest stops in Nebraska too... ;D Hopefully I can find some in ole Rexburg, daggonnit! Dad's been driving the whole way, but I've only had a couple urges to drive so I'm good. He can be rather exasperating though, as he's asked me at least 20 times (that is no exaggeration, I've kept a vague count in my head) "You doin' alright?" - to which I reply, with some exasperation in my tone - "Doin' just fine!!!" "FINE!!!!" ugh. But he means well, and he's been awful kind to ask me at every truck stop almost if I "found something ya can't live without?" hahaha, I love that line of his, I'll have to remember to use it one day. And of course, I don't exaggerate with the southern-twangy-ness of the way I'm writing these phrases, yall know his accent. I have to say its somewhat refreshing too, I won't be around any southerners for a good long while. *sigh*