Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Made Up with Make Up

So Mary was never much of a make-up person, because I've always told everyone I dislike it and all but... I do like it. I've been wearing it every Sunday while here at BYU-Idaho (the way Sarah showed me how to apply it) and I've been enjoying it. Well... Taleea's Aunt came up here from Ogden this evening to do a Mary Kay party, mostly just using us as guinea pigs cause she's just started, and we had SO much fun!

She bought a big pizza and a whole bunch of breadsticks from Papa Murphy's, so she cooked those and had cookies and M&M's and cider and three kinds of WONDERFUL Hot Chocolate. So we introduced ourselves (there was 11 girls at first, but only five did the facials and makeup everyone else left then), ate, then did satin hands and then those who wanted to did facials, satin lips and makeup. We filled out cards with our information and face shape and hair color and stuff, then she drew one to recieve some winterberry body spray which Amanda won. Then later, she had us write down as many names and numbers as we could think of that would be interested in learning about this stuff, all to win the Vanilla body spray, and I won. I'm glad I did, the body spray smells SO divine!!! Our friend Amanda was there too, she's enrolled in one of the local beauty schools Paul Mitchell, so she's learned all about hair, makeup, face shapes, etcetera. She put all of my makeup on me except for the foundation, and did a FABULOUS job! I liked it WAY too much.

I contemplated purchasing 3 eyeshadows, especially because the lady was gonna give me a 50% discount, but I didn't. Then later, she said she'd give me this mint lotion (HEAVENLY! we all tried it!) for $5 when it was normally $10 so I was like "Five bucks I can do!" then I realized she would give me the foundation for half off, when it was normally $28 with the brush, so she gave it to me for $16.18 instead. I gave in. It was too good of a deal, and the foundation made my face look airbrushed and flawless. It was amazing! So... Mary for the first time actually spent MONEY money on makeup. I just about croaked at the prices, and I'll probably just get cheaper eyeshadow from wal*mart, but I wanted to help her out and she gave me a 50% discount so that really couldn't be beat!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Climbing "R" Mountain

This weekend I was supposed to go home with Katie (she lives 3 doors down from us in apt 204) for conference, but Taleea was staying here all by herself so I decided to stay here instead and keep her company. Turns out, Taleea was very glad I stayed, despite her telling me to not stay for her but to go with Katie. So anyways, after making that decision, we ended up sitting on the couch while Cami was preparing to leave (everyone else had already left for their conference weekend trips) and played "MASH-OUT" together. It was really fun! Well, finally Cami left and we were still sitting there when Matthew dropped in. He is Cami's boyfriend's cousin, one of the many "Strassers" that are up here and everywhere else in the United States. He invited us to go hike "R" mountain, which is really the Menan Butte. I did it before for that date I went on for Taleea with her sister Arianna and our old Counselor in the bishopric's brother in laws. So, we decided to go. It was windy and stormy and rainy when we left but once we were up there it was only a little cloudy and windy.

So Matthew, Ephraim (Matthew's brother), Shawn (Justin, Cami's boyfriend's brother), Taleea, some girl named Emily and I all went. Well, we arrived and what do we find but a bounding around blue merle Australian cattle dog! (well, something like that, she looked similar to an australian cattle dog) She was SO sweet, just bounding around to each of us and rubbing on us and wanting attention. In fact, she went with us on our entire hike, and Matthew called her "Shian" because he said if he had a dog that would hike with him like her, he'd name her Shian.

Well, the last time I had gone, we went on the actual path which consisted of a sandy deer-like trail that a few time went over flat rock and made for a very slippery way to go. After all, sand on top of slick rock is not a good combination period. But, since we were with Strassers (who not only bugged us all about the strength of our shoes, if we had snake bite kits or not, and all brought along knives, rope and repelling equiptment!) they of course decided to go in the opposite direction through a way that we had to climb rocks and ascend several rocky staircases basically. It was a little intimidating, especially when there was a part that Ephraim jumped up and shoved his feet against the sides of these rocks and then straddle walked himself onto the ledge that was above our head. Several times there were places where I wasn't sure if I could do it or I'd fall, but I didn't want to seem weak and once I did it, I felt better and it was actually really fun and challenging! At one point, we had to run up a slick rock face to get up on the ledge, but Ephraim and Shawn went up first because when I started to run up it, I hit a spot where I could ascend anymore so I hollered "OKAY! I CAN'T go up anymore!" and I threw my hands down on the face while my body began to slip, but Shawn and Ephraim grabbed my hands and heaved me up. After that, I did everything else myself, mostly because there wasn't anything more, and I refused help or occasional man hands that flew out to grab my arm, support my back, etc. I didn't wanna feel weak, and I really just wanted to do it myself.

So, we had an awesome time and that good ole dog followed us the whole way! Once we got up on top and experienced the beautiful view, the boys found a place where they were gonna do some repellin', but it was getting dark so after they had already put on their homemade harnesses and realized they didn't have enough rope (or something like that) they just packed it up and we descended in mostly darkness. It was really nice though, at the end by the dusty parking lot (thats at a slope covered in sand and rock that you slide on real easy) they've got a log fence that we hefted ourselves on (me, Taleea and Matthew anyways) and looked at the stars for at least 35 minutes. It was SO pretty, and you could see lights from Rexburg, Rigby, Idaho Falls, etc. it was amazing! Ephraim and Emily were laying in the dirt where Shawn joined them. It was really nice. So then, we eventually got back in the car, went to Little Caesars and got two pizzas then went to their apartment. We didn't really stay long, I ate 2 pieces of pizza and Taleea ate 1, but we had really been planning to get Dominoes with our starving student card, so we left.

Me'n Taleea ended up speed walking to Dominoe's and the Backyard Grill where we got a junior custard with cookie dough that we shared, and then we got a large cheese pizza. We ate the custard while waiting for our pizza, then when we got home watched While You Were Sleeping while eating pizza and popcorn. It was SO fun!

So anyways, it was a fun Friday evening activity. I regretted the whole time we hadn't brought a camera, but I'll just have to remember it next time I suppose!