Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Guilt Blogging

I must only blog in here when I feel guilty, because I feel guilty right now! Yesterday I was down with a sore throat. In the morning as I rose at 5:50am, I felt like I was gonna puke and considered not going to school but... I really wanted to go to my horse class, and I couldn't justify going if I skipped all my other classes. So I went to school and then horse class, then came home and went to bed for a good 4-5 hours. Woke up after FHE and ate way too much food (we'd had a typical-college-kid-meal dinner for FHE), then began working on some homework.

Yeah, pretty much finished my World Foundations homework, then got distracted by videos of horses until a little past midnight all the while contemplating skipping my American Foundations class in the morning.

My alarm went off at 6am and I was pretty much making myself sleep at that point, I was fairly wide awake but I stubbornly decided not to go to class. Even though I probably could've gotten up just fine, showered and skipped my dance class to read my 9-page science thing and take the quiz online just in time for my Science class. I woke again at 7am and probably could've still gone to class, but I didn't. *sigh*

So, I stayed home, got up around 8:30, read my science thing and took the quiz (that took me about an hour) ate a banana and vanilla yogurt with homemade chocolate chip cookie dough chunks in it and am now blogging to postpone my much needed shower.

I really just want a break! GAH! But I'm not entitled to one. 7:45am classes MWF and 8am TTh is killing me, really. It almost would've been nice to be barfing all day so I could justify skipping ALL my classes... but wait, that was 'almost'... can't I just be lazy for one day and watch a movie or play animal crossing or something?!

No lazy days at college.