Thursday, January 31, 2008


Yay! Everything for my application to BYU-Idaho is IN! Now... I just have to wait. >.<

aaaand finish Chemistry and Government by May 30th. Sarah, we need to get our trip to the NC Ren Faire planned - SOON!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

"I Can Accomplish The Things Which I've Been Given"

...hopefully! I feel so stressed because I've got SO much to do!

Finish Personal Progress (consisting of 3 value experiences and one project), go visit an inactive member I've never met (Today!), call/contact all the young adults I'm in charge of (including inactives... >.<), get some activities planned for February/March and call everyone to let them know, make up a sort of Resume/Work and Horse Experience thingy for the job I'm applying for, get interviewed for the job I'm applying for and look better and more qualified than the rest (!!!!!!!), CLEAN MY ROOM!!!!, finish my first semester of Government (I'm on the last lesson), get my second semester of Government and finish IT and start and finish Chemistry by May 30th.

But luckily, everything is in for my college application to BYU Idaho, so now I just have to take a tater and wait on that! YAY! :) Right now I'm working on writing down all my stuff about my projects for Young Women's, because I lost my original personal progress book AND scriptures so now I have to rewrite the stuff for my projects. Luckily, I had talked to Suzy before I lost it and she had recorded down everything I'd done. *phew*

Everyone (who reads this, haha) will be happy to know that I am going to jog every other morning on our treadmill. I just started this morning, did 20 minutes and then cooled down for 5. My shins don't hurt me because Irish has strengthened them, but my stamina and leg strength needs to be built. I haven't been "irishing" to gain stamina, so I figured I'd run and watch a movie while I do so. And I NEED to gain stamina for clogging but ESPECIALLY for my Irish piece for recital. If anyone wants to feel how much stamina it takes and how much it takes OUT of you, just let me know, I'll show you the basic move and you can do that for 30 seconds and see how you feel. It's one of THE most taxing things in the world, I'm sure of it. I can run longer and faster than I can irish. And that's saying ALOT because I am NOT in shape!

I'm not even running to lose weight, I'm just running to build my stamina! I seriously had this vision of me the other day, walking all over BYU Idaho campus and feeling stupid because I was out of breath just walking to class! But it won't be like that, because I'm going to be in better shape.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Mistress La Novella

Okay, so really I just was acting silly and did my subject. I am in the mood to write a book! Yes, a book! I tried once with a clean western romance, ick. Terrible! Tried another time with talking unicorns. Bad bad bad. Tried another time with a medieval princess.... twice. Yikes! But then, I realized that I was going about it all wrong. As Mister Bear (though, I'm sure the good german lad wrote his name differently) told Jo in 'Little Women', "Write from your heart" or maybe it was "Write what you know" or "Write from your life" WHATEVER IT WAS, that's what I need to do. I will write a modern day book about what I know. I will not base my characters on any friends or family, nor will I base it on my life experiences. But I will write it from what I know, and I know the years of 1990's and 2000's so that's what I shall write! It shall be a wholesome, wonderful book that probably won't be done until 2050, but one day I shall publish a book. :)

As a side note, the only book I've finished this year is Beka Cooper - Terrier by Tamora Pierce. I loved it! But, we started a Book Club in Relief Society (which I found out that *I'm* in charge of... yay. >_>) and right now we're supposed to be reading Pride and Prejudice. So, I have to find my copy or buy another of that, read it, and in the meantime I've got to finish "I Am The Great Horse" (which I'm reading for the SECOND time! >.<) and I purchased three books from Barnes and Noble with my gift card the other day (Beka Cooper was one, yay just two more to go!) and I KNOW when I start one of those, that I won't be able to stop. Beka Cooper kept me from eating all of my breakfast, visiting my horse, and doing ANYTHING useful. It's terrible. I sin constantly as I ignore my much much much more important responsibilities.

Brandy and Kristen want to get an apartment btw... told 'em I can't because of health insurance, our policy won't allow it unless I'm a full time student, and it's too late to get into VA Western. Plus, I don't want VA Western. I did get my interview from the Stake Prez today for BYU-Idaho so Mom'll get my transcript written tomorrow and I'll finish my application. I shall be SO excited to be FINISHED with the dang thing! Hopefully now I'll get in and leave in August! I am SO anxious to go to college and LIVE my life! INDEPENDENTLY! Even if I DO end up getting married before I'm 20! (although... if I leave in August, that'll be a frightfully quick engagement and marriage, hopefully I shant follow that route)

quick side note: anyone know how you're supposed to present movie titles and book titles? I forgot. Is it underlines or ""'s for books? and what for movies? Please comment. I'll comment on yours!

Saturday, January 5, 2008


So, after visiting this place in over two months, I went straight to Sarah's page and got motivated to write again! After all, it's 2008 and a time for new traditions, resolutions and habits!


-Write Eric and Jason once a month
-No second helpings of food
-Go visit my horse at least two times a week
-Ride my horse at least ONCE a week (yes! I have to force myself to do this!)
-Blog or Journal write once-a-week (idea stolen from Sarah, xP)
-Start/Keep a booklist of books I want to read, and books I've read for the entire 2008 year
-Practice IRISH for 45 minutes 3 times a week


-Apply for BYU Idaho before February 1st
-Finish my Personal Progress within the next week. (O_O)

So, as you see, I have LOTS to do!