Sunday, June 29, 2008

Our OWN Ball!

So, last night there was this "Enchanted Garden Ball" that Taleea and I REALLY wanted to go to, but... no one asked us! So, Taleea brilliantly thought up this: we do our hair, makeup, etc. but dress DOWN; go to Taco Time like that, then go play soccer, come home and eat strawberries with chocolate and sherbet with Sprite while watching Jurassic Park. We ended up not playing soccer, and only watching a little bit of Jurassic Park before we got bored with it. But anyways! It was fun! My first time wearing make-up while I'm here, and I'm wearing it this morning... I think I'm gonna start wearing it every Sunday or something.

Anyways, so we went to Taco Time, then came back and ate it, then ate some strawberries with chocolate. We walked down our porch thing and met some girls from apartment 203, they were so nice and one is a Clogger! And she JUST started clogging while she was here, went through Beginner-Advanced classes and is now a clogger in the Collegiate dancers team! That gives me HOPE! I'd LOVE to get on that dance team! We eventually started Jurassic Park and Mike dropped by and watched a little with us, but we mostly talked. Then he left and we finished eating our sherbet with Sprite. I ended up turning off Jurassic Park and then going to the lounge where they were having a celebration for Mandy from apartment 206 because it was her birthday. Met some new people, hung out for awhile until I realized if I stayed any longer, I would eat myself to 200 pounds! Once we came back, I'm not sure what we did but I eventually got bored again so I left to walk a lap around our apartment complex. I ended up coming up the second floor on the other side and meeting the people who at Mandy's party and taking up the rest of the food and stuff. We all ended up talking and hanging out, I met a guy who's from and hour or so south of me in Virginia! And he said he'd be my running buddy, so that's cool!

Anyways, we all ended up taking blankets to Porter Park and stargazing for a while, it was fun! I almost didn't go because I was like "Well, what if someone fun comes by our apartment?" well, that was silly, because I need to socialize! So I went with them and had a great time! We got back just about 10 minutes before curfew too!

Friday, June 20, 2008


There is SO much to do at college it is SO fun! I went to Swing Dancing this week AGAIN, but not Latin/Ballroom (I went to that last week). People are popping by all the time and since our door is almost always left open (because its hot inside right now - not extremely but just uncomfortably warm at times) since we don't think we have air conditioning, people just come in whenever! Last night one of our home teachers, Bryan dropped by and then this guy named Ron (I've respelled his name for him: Rahnn, good huh? xD) and we already had my friend Katie from a couple doors down and Amanda (who was Taleea's and Katey's roommate last fall) was over, so we all stood outside and talked and laughed for a good 40 minutes. And tonight, good ole Taleea planned an "International Dinner and Zorro" is what we've all been calling it; we're gonna eat international foods and watch Zorro. We've invited alot of people, so hopefully they'll all show up!

Ya know, it's a good thing I brought all my movies, because this is the second time we've had an activity to watch a movie and the only reason we're watching it is because I own it! I just think its funny, so its a good thing I'm such a movie hog.

Oh, and I won't be able to do any of the trail rides they do each Saturday because the "tickets" are all sold out. >:( Oh well, I guess others need to ride horses more than I do, no matter how much I feel I need to... Anyways, I need to go post on the blog and still check my math homework answers. Tootle-loo!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Quick note!

Gotta make this quick because I've still got to do my ab workout, shower, write/sign Kristen's b-day card, make Daddy a Father's Day card, brush my teeth, say my prayers and go to bed!

I'm having TONS of fun here at college! Yes, homework stinks, botching my eating plan stinks, and other things stink but there's still good stuff. I went to the Swing Dancing thing last night and was there from beginning to end - I had a BLAST! I had SO much more fun this time than last, learned a few Charleston moves, went with my math buddy Kathryn and met her very fun friend Alyssa. If the three of us weren't asked to dance, we'd just do the Charleston and some weird move that was a variation of the Charleston I think... dunno! I also tapped and clogged around during some of the songs, and I just had fun! Maybe next time I'll lay off a little on the clogging/tapping so people don't get freaked out by me, but I was just being myself!

Tonight we went to the Latin and Ballroom dancing, but there weren't many people. We went to Ballroom first and they'd already started teaching the Samba and it looked hard/intimidating. So we meandered over to Latin (Latin and Ballroom were in separate Ballrooms) where they were Salsa'ing - yay! I know how to salsa! - so a girl who said she's normally an instructor but was playing a guy's part to partner with some of the girls, asked if one of us wanted to dance with her. So I did, learned some moves and then this guy named Phil came in and we partnered, I taught him the salsa basic move and some other ones we had done and then he took it away and led me perfectly! He caught on really fast, then we danced a couple dances, and he taught me the Tango and some really cool spin that had me spinning like 5 or 6 different times. I actually FLEW onto the floor at one point, he felt terrible I could tell, but I just laughed it off - it was fun!

Anyways, the dancing is really fun and I'm going to a workshop this Saturday from 10-12... not sure what kind of dancing it is, but hopefully it'll be ballroom/partnering.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

On and Off...

..the wagon of excitement. Some things are fun, some things are disappointing, some things are awkward, some things are hard, some things are confusing, some things are exciting, and some things are just plain boring. Don't get me wrong, I'm enjoying college alot, but I still haven't adjusted fully yet. I know I know! I've only been here a week! But, the days don't go by very fast so its frustrating when my acquaintence collection is dinky enough to barely extend past the apartment door.

Last night me, Megan and her boyfriend Pablo went to the Swing Instruction and then Dance. The instruction part was... awkward to say the least. Of course Megan and Pablo were dancing and learning, but the only dancing I did during it was when one of the instructors met the three of us on the side and did the basic Lindy Hop move twice. Then I just sat and watched the rest of the time, because there was obviously men in short supply and too many girls. Ick. But when the dance begun, I had 3 different guys ask me to dance so that was nice. Especially because in our home stake, NONE of the guys asked you to dance. I was surprised but thankfully so. I felt bad for all three of them though, because the first was sort of flailing me around while staring intently at me, and he looked like he was combining the paso doble and the lindy hop but making it look more like a bad paso doble. The second one was a small guy who really liked to dance around and spice up the Lindy Hop, so in turn was very loose and not necessarily very good at leading (which sucked for me because my clogs were slipping on the floor the whole time and since I don't really know how to move in any of the moves except for like 5 of them, and even then only with a good strong leading partner) and would like spin me out and then jump around on his own for a few seconds. He was a good dancer though. Then the last one was tall and real cute and nice, and obviously knew alot about what he was doing but probably needed to work on his leading. I felt bad for him and kept apologizing because he'd try to lead me into a turn or something weird that I'd never done before and I'd be all over the place. He was nice and tolerated it though.

Then the three of us (Megan, Pablo and I) left at about 8:30 (the dance itself was from 8-10) to get ready for hip-hop, but then when we got home realized that it wasn't from 9-10 but from 8-9. So, next week we're gonna go to modern and hip hop, from 6-9. I felt bad I didn't go with her this week to them, but I DID want to try out the swing dance thing. I'll probably try it again and get there EARLIER so I'm paired up with someone at the beginning, or maybe make better friends with our FHE brothers and try to get one of them to come with me so there's another guy in the partner rotation. They need guys... BAD.

Oh, and did I mention I need to get some shoes that stay on your feet?! >.< no more clogs for dancing for mary...

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I'm liking it here quite a bit. Church on Sunday was cool, we meet for Relief Society, then Sunday School and THEN Sacrament Meeting. We're one of the few wards (there's 89, we're the 20th) that gets to meet for Sacrament Meeting, and all the rest of our classes are in classrooms. Our ward consists of the entire Brooklyn Apartments building and some other boy apartments. There's 3 Relief Societies (dunno how many Priesthoods), 3 Sunday Schools (you can attend whichever one you want), then a Temple Prep and Family History Class (both done during Sunday School/Gospel Doctrine). It's huge! Oh, and our Bishop is Bishop Bishop. Get it? The last name's Bishop. Anyways...

Me and Cami went and visited the guy she's dating (though they're not 'official' yet) named Justin. He's so super nice! We hung out at his apartment with him and two of his roommates, then he invited us to eat this delicious (but fattening I'm sure) dish of scallops potatoes and meat and also green beans, canned peaches, and homemade grape juice. All the canned stuff was home canned, and the guy has a wheat mill too! He apparently only eats homemade bread, so he's got his own 5 gallon buckets of sugar, wheat, etc. and his own wheat mill! No wonder he shares my horse's lovely name. :)

Sunday evening I can't remember what we did. Stayed up late that's for sure. Yesterday morning though at 6:30am me, Katey and Vanessa went to the gym and worked out on the ellipticals. I'd never been on one before and it is a SERIOUS Leg workout! I really liked getting my card swiped and using their gym clothes, they were real comfortable. The rest of Monday I occupied myself by going to some I-team stuff where we got the BYU-Idaho welcome from President Clark and his wife, watched some videos of the campus and info about it. Then we went and played games in our groups which were fun (one of them consisted of pulling apart a frozen t-shirt and putting it on someone - harder than it sounds, and lining up shoulder to shoulder, tying all of our legs to our neighbors and manuvering across carpet pieces placed on the ground) and then ate lunch which was a 'barbecue' but consisted of only burgers. Ick and fattening. I wish they woulda just called it was it was, a COOKOUT, because Barbecue means barbecue... at least to ME it does!

Me, Taleea and Katey went shopping when my i-Team stuff was done. We walked all the way to Broulim's (which is thankfully VERY close to Kroger, which is nice since there AIN'T none here!), I got my groceries and on the way back as we were about to collapse (it was a good 10-15min. walk) one of our FHE brothers, Stace, pulled up in his car and took us home.

Then we had FHE with our FHE brothers and sisters (FHE consists of two girl apartments and one guy apartment), we had planned beforehand for all of us at our apartment and our brothers (only one of our brothers did it, and two others joined in at the end) to eat with our hands and NOT tell our FHE sisters. None of them said anything and it was hilariously fun! They had planned the FHE and had planned for us to have a dinner and for US to bring the main dish... a little odd, but whatever, Taleea made lasagna. It was fun, then Stace gave a spiritual thought and we discussed FHE activities. We might go to a Circus next week, and we're planning on doing a FHE Trail ride, because they have it available for $60 for your whole FHE group. So hopefully that'll happen, I know I'll have fun! Oh, and ALL of our FHE Brothers are really cute and very nice.

Taleea made cookies later last night, I ate way too many and we took some to our 'brothers'. I was very bored last night actually, until Katey and Taleea and I put on Pocahontas and were chatting. We leave the door open all the time when we're in the living room, so some random girl ran in the room and said "I LOVE Pocahontas!" and started singing with us. Hee hee, it was actually quite funny and also fun. The social stuff is so fun here! I finally got to bed around 12:15-12:30...

Woke up this morning permanently at 8:00. There was some Morningside Devotional and breakfast as part of the 'i-Team' stuff, but we were supposed to meet at 6:30 and I was way too tired. I woke up at 6:30, then at 7:22 and then at 8. I finally made myself get up, fixed myself some breakfast and went up to the gardens for the i-Team's service project. We cut fabric for bags, so we cut the bag part and the straps and pinned them together so someone can sew them later I guess. Not sure what it was for. Then, I went with one of the i-Team leaders, two guys and two other girls and we went to the boys' dorms' lounge. Sat and watched one of the girls and one of the guys play ping pong for about an hour, and then some lady came down and said that girls aren't allowed to visit until noon. Which is true and I knew that but... I forgot, haha. So then we went and looked around the Benson building which is the Horticulture/Agriculture building, there's all these greenhouses and one of them is set up like a rainforest with a waterfall and stuff and it was so pretty inside! Then we went and looked in this wild animal museum room with ALL of these animals mounted in there and that was pretty cool.

So afterwards and later, I met Sara Anderson for devotional and went to devotional with her, then went and saw her on campus dorm, then came back here. I cleaned the kitchen, started a load of laundry and now am writing on here. I'm gonna go to this I-Night Extravaganza tonight with some girls I met, so hopefully that'll be fun.