Thursday, April 19, 2007

Sufferance for 1.5 weeks

School will be officially over for me May 2nd. w000000t!!! I am super excited! Not like I'll have all my stuff to go to college, or even be a high school graduate... but this semester at Va Western will be over and I'm never going back. :) We're going to get independent Government, Chemistry and Spanish courses for me to do and apply for College next year. I was actually considering going to Virginia Western in the Fall just to take Photography and Sign Language, but... I might just work on Sign Language at home with all of the sign language videos we have, and do Photography on my own.

I am looking forward to May 2nd. It's only less than two weeks away! But I've got SO much to do until then.

Tonight: Finish editing English Paper and read everything for English from Wednesday
Tomorrow: Study the "Sewage Treatment" section of Lab (the one I was NOT present for, only from someone else's notes); retype/edit again my english paper, write my works cited, get everything printed out, highlighted, cross referenced, etc; take english paper to school; finish reading everything for English; go to Bonnie's house and borrow her two saddles; get allergy shots
Saturday: Be at barn at 9:30; 10:00 vet arrives and we start throwing saddles on Justin to see which one fits, do NOT forget to ask for a sedative; Go to Girls Camp meeting at noon (goes for two hours); get home and study for Lab test (probably won't happen); take shower, clean room, etc.
Sunday: Official rest day. Write Eric.
Monday: Study for Lab test; read everything for english and write journal entry for Poetry section; Get allergy shots
Tuesday: Geometry Notebook test; LAB TEST; more Lecture on Bio; Study for Bio Mini Quiz
Wednesday: Study for Bio Mini Quiz; be at barn @ 12:30 for farrier at 1:00; dance at 5:15; YW's at 7:00
Thursday: Biology Mini Quiz; go to Geometry, study for Geometry final; Write English Paper #4 in LTC
Friday (4/27): Get English stuff finished up, review poetry words and learn; Study for Bio final
Saturday (4/29): Study for Bio Final; Study for English Final; Do worksheet for Geo final
Monday (4/30): Get allergy shots; Study for Bio Final, English Final, etc.
Tuesday (5/1): BIO FINAL; GEOMETRY FINAL; and take English Final at LTC (optional
Wednesday (5/2): Take English Final in LTC NO LATER than this date!!!!!!

hmmm.... now that I wrote this big 'ole thing, I need to review it and keep up with it!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Ren Faire = Fun. ; Dance Costume = Ugly.

The Ren Faire was fun. It was a BLAST! Bryan, Sara, Kate, Brandy and I all went down Friday night in Jer, spent the night at a Days Inn, then came home Saturday after the faire. We went to the Tartan Moonlight Madness on Friday night at the Faire as well as Saturday. It was all fun, but it was VERY frustrating and SCARY at times when EVERYONE was yelling at me to go a different direction, and we almost got killed several times because my stress went into my driving. GAH! But we managed to get to a CiCi's five minutes before it closed on Friday night, got free drinks and leftover pizza while we waited for them to cook us two pizzas. I'll write a novel when I feel like it.
Anyways, at dance tonight we got our costumes.... D-:< I am going to have to post a picture, because I feel like in words I simply canNOT do them justice. The top is okay, but the bottoms are HIDEOUS! And I'm so nervous about the Recital already, and now I have an ugly costume to worry about!!! *SOBS* Luckily, Brandy, Kristen and I went and saw "Are We Done Yet?" after dance tonight, so that made it slightly better. But we had milkshakes...and now I feel guilty...I finished the Book of Mormon!... but I can't celebrate because I have to study for Biology. It'd be so nice to have no responsibility whatsoever. *sigh* School will be over three weeks!!!

extra post.


Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Humorous Wisdom!

Let me leave you with a little bit of humorous wisdom from Anne of Avonlea.

"That night John Henry Carter and Davy between them contrived to execute the two white roosters, and Anne dressed them, the usually distasteful task quite glorified in her eyes by the destination of the plump birds.
"I don't like picking fowls," she told Marilla, "but isn't it fortunate we don't have to put our souls into what our hands may be doing? I've been picking chickens with my hands but in imagination I've been roaming the Milky Way."**
"I thought you'd scattered more feathers over the floor than usual," remarked Marilla."
Anne of Avonlea by L.M. Montgomery, Page 138.
**Laugh here

A Day of Unfortunate Events

Okay so my english teacher had us reading a novel that was terrible and full of profanity, s*x*al content, etcetera. So I basically told her it bothered, offended and made me feel uncomfortable when I read it. "Too late to do another novel" she said, and then she told me to skip to the last section. Then I did and it was clean. GLAD THAT'S OVER WITH! Tuff luck for me, I still have to write a paper on the thing w/two outside resources. x_x

Anyways! So the only happy thing in my life is ANNE OF GREEN GABLES SERIES!!! I listened to the first one (Anne of Green Gables) on CD years ago when me, Mom and Laura drove to Texas in the van, so I started reading Anne of Avonlea last night. (While I was post-nasal-dripping due to Sunday night being spent at Danielle and Stephen's house, I felt terrible... but thanks to prayers, garlic and anti-histamines, I was better today! and no sore throat...>.<) I read it for probably about 3-4 hours today, after skipping Geometry, going to Biology lecture and skipping Biology Lab. Unfortunately, we had a test today in Geometry... I hope Mister Custer'll let me make it up, but he's a jolly ole chap so I'm sure he won't mind. I tore myself away long enough to go with Brandy to her friend's band playing at the Farmer's Market, and then a band called "The ???" played. It was fun! I saw a guy that used to flirt with me and -in my eyes- led me on at work, WHO I avoided extensively, and a girl named Katie that I met when her mom bought one of our goats and who I hung out with a little... yeah, I avoided her too- I wouldn't've known what to say!

Then Brandy's car died in McDonald's drive-thru, we went to the church and the oil light came on, so we checked it and filled it with a 1/2 full bottle from MY car, then went to wal*mart, talked in the parking lot for 15 minutes, then went in and got oil, two super cheap flashlights (for our cars, neither of us had one!), then went back to the church (in JER, btw, faithful ole oldsmobile), put THAT quart of oil in (I accidentally got a wee bit upset/spat at her when she spilt alot, but I repented and felt bad immeadiately- Brandy's too darlin'), then checked it and it hit the first of the two holes on the dipstick. WAHLAH! *high-fives with Brandy* We're oil savvy! Hahaha, too bad I still don't actually know how to CHANGE oil. So there's my adventures for today.