Monday, January 30, 2012

Procrastination and a little glee

Magtatagalog ako dito para walang makakaintindi, haha, pero hindi talaga kailangan pero... kanina nabalitaan ako ni Sister Villapando na namiss daw ako ni Ninong Witt!!! Yay! Hindi ako pasaway, pero, masaya lang ako dyan. Wala akong ginawa noong nasa Philippines ako, pero masaya lang, type ko talaga siya. Malaki!

I am procrastinating doing my studying and homework a bit and it feels good. Well, only half good. I blame it on the cookie dough brownies I made. I PURPOSELY brushed my teeth before FHE, but then I ate a sliver... a little nibble, and then an entire piece and a bite of another. DAGGONIT! Next time, I will simply not TOUCH the stuff (I served it today) and I should be okay. One of our FHE brothers, Garrett, is tall as a church steeple and he has a scar on the back of his head that looks like the Michael Jordan basketball symbol. It's cool, Myra and I sat together on the couch and he sat against the couch in between Myra and I, and we talked about how we wanted to touch the thing... it looks so cool. Our FHE sisters are so nice and cool, so are our FHE brothers.

So... I will go do homework now... maybe. :) Haha Joke only!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Crispy Bread

I just overcooked my homemade bread to the point that I had to chisel it out of the pan. :( But other than that, it turned out great!

This past week has been really deliciously good, in flavor, temperature, happiness, friends and family. Some highlights are:

-Got an A on my chemistry test (well, I didn't get my grade yet, but I felt awesome about it and I'm dead positive I have an A on it)
-Shin splints slightly healed enough that I was able to DANCE!!!
-Finally "got" our hard clogging move at the first part of our dance
-Learned a brazilian stick dance in World Dance class
-Talked to many attractive men
-Made new friends or new acquaintances
-Finished FINISHED my chemistry homework!!!!
-Watched Prince of Persia last night and loved it
-My sister Sabina got a dog named Neville!!!
-I saw "Celtic Nights" Friday night after Acing my chemistry test

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Best Friend Weekend

I just got back from going to Taleea's house this weekend! I was supposed to get lots of homework done before going, but I ended up doing homework on the way and I did the MINIMAL AMOUNT possible while I was there. I rode down by getting a ride through the ride board at school, and ended up riding with this guy named Alex (from Mexico), Melissa (from Chile) and Julia (from U.S.A.). I took dramamine and read my Anat & Phys book the entire way down. We stayed up until like Midnight Friday night and I got some stuff submitted for schoolwork.

Saturday, Taleea got up and went to the store and got us donuts and bananas for Sunday morning breakfast and she made us pancakes, eggs and hashbrowns! Oh, Taleea and I slept in their bed and Nathan, her husband, had his 17 year old brother Kaleb over too the whole time, so they slept on the floor. Their apartment is tiny but SO cute! They surprised me with us going ice skating, and it didn't hurt my shin splints (Which is good) but it did make my right arch ache and my ankles a little sore. I kept falling, but Taleea and Nathan and Kaleb just looked SO comfortable on the ice! I got better though. Then it started raining, and then snowing HUGE snow flakes! We bought two pizzas at Papa Murphy's and cooked them at their house, pepperoni and chicken artichoke! MASARAP! The boys went to go see a movie and then Taleea and I walked to their library and checked out all three Anne of Green Gables movies to watch. We ended up only watching one because it was three hours long! The boys came back in the middle of that and Taleea made a birthday cake for me (Jan 12) and Nathan's brother (Jan 16), yellow cake with chocolate frosting and reese pieces on top spelling "Happy B-day!" That was our dinner b/c the pizza was so filling. Then I worked on my chemistry lab and we watched Deja Vu that was REALLY good!

This morning we got up, showered, ate our donuts and bananas and went to church. Afterwards, I washed dishes while Taleea cooked "Baked Ziti" some salad and texas toast from Walmart that was SO delicious! The house smelled heavenly, and I ate more cake. Then we played this fun card game called "Guillotine" and my ride texted me and said he was on his way, so I left!

I have redone my entire homework schedule because I am WAY behind and need to spend more time doing homework and schoolwork. Especially if I want to get an A in this class! I probably wasted a little TOO much time here at our apartment today (and ate way too much cake! my roommate made a devil's food cake with TONS of icing which is always a bad thing for me whose weakness is icing!) but oh well! Tomorrow is a new day and RIGHT NOW is a new minute!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sore Shin Splints

Try saying that ten times fast!

I got some serious shin splints today from A) Clogging class for an hour, and then... B) World Dance class for an hour - Tai Chi, Bulgarian and Irish, and then... C) Country Dancing and lots of triple step and only on the balls of my feet. My legs are dying, but my shins are both wrapped and covered in icy-hot to reduce the pain.

Also the top of my left foot feets bruised... I probably need to get some sort of special socks or something for that.

But I danced with this asian guy that I met named Jeffrey. I met him last Friday night walking home from Latin Dancing, but he didn't remember me although he seemed like he remembered my face... vaguely. He asked me to dance and it was a waltz-ish country song, so we waltzed and WOW He sure can DANCE! It's a good thing I was consciously thinking about my following and good frame because I think I did about a 75% job on following and keeping up. He had me do all KINDS of stuff, it was absolutely amazing! But he's asian! They are just so talented at almost everything, or from what I've seen anyways.... I went with my friend Shawn who is somewhat learning to dance or at least improve his country dance skills. I'm afraid I messed him up though because I have discovered...

Country dancing is not my thing. I can hardly do the basic step, and ballroom, swing, and latin are SO much more fun! Time to go to bed, it's 11pm and an hour past my bedtime.

Monday, January 2, 2012

College ulit

I just arrived at my old apartment that I used to live in over 2 years ago here at college. Some others warned me that I had no idea who my roommates would be; I was running a risk just going and not knowing who my roommates are, etc. But I was determined to make the best of it and expect wonderful, sweet, kind and friendly roommates. So far so good! They are super nice and funny! Shay is hilarious and Myra is a vet major and her family has a ranch of 3,000 acres!!! The three of us really bonded this evening; they're both really laid back and we all three have the same interest -- Books! And the same kinds of books too. How fun! My room roommate, it's rather ironic, has red hair! Just like my beautiful Taleea! She's funny and loves to talk, but I find her amusing and entertaining. She's got so much energy!

Bonnie and I flew on the airplane together to Salt Lake, and then Taleea and her husband Nathan met me at the airport. First time I'd seen Taleea in over 2 years, I was SO happy! I didn't think she'd ever let me go out of that vice-grip hug! Haha, and being Taleea and having all the cute ideas, they'd fixed pb &j sandwiches for our lunch all complete with chips, moon pie, reese cups and candy canes! And then we hung out until the big shuttle bus came, and even after checking in with the driver we just stood outside and chatted. Nathan is a saint and so wonderful for Taleea, they look so cute and happy! I told Taleea that she looks like a married woman and she thought that was funny. She tickles me to death.

I met a couple girls on the bus, and after arriving curbside on campus, I started on the LONG journey to my apartment complex. It technically isn't that long, quite quick when I'm not carrying a heavy backpack, big full purse, two coats, a plastic bag with a pot in it and two very heavy suitcases! My right arm HURT from pulling my swiss suitcase. No doubt it'll be sore as anything tomorrow. I'm so happy to be at college again!