Monday, September 24, 2007

Anticipation of the College Life

*sigh* I want to go to BYU Idaho sooooo bad and SOON! I almost want to go in January with Brandy, but I guess it'd be better to go in the Summer or next Fall. But all I have to do is retake my ACT's and if I get a 28, then I can go ahead and apply! Otherwise, since I'm homeschooled, I have to get a GED if my ACT score is lower than 28. My previous score was a 25, so I just need to prepare a little better for it and go in there and do a good job. I'm gonna start filling out my application now, so I have everything ready to go once my ACT scores are in. Not sure if I'll retake it or just go get a GED if I'm lower than 28... guess I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. Hopefully I'll get into the Summer/Fall 2008 track or the Fall 08/Winter 09 track. It'd be nice not to have to wait until Winter 2009 to go. Anyways, Jon's gonna go take his ACT's too, so hopefully we can do it at the same time so we can have a person that we know there with us.

"Ugly Blue Buggy"'s diesel leak finally got bigger and was gushing out last Monday when I was heading to dance class, so Dad and some guys that stopped to help secured the leak with a piece of cardboard and tie wraps! How Bruington typical! ;) Then, the missionaries, Dad and I pulled it with a chain back to the house. He just now has it working again, so hopefully it's fixed and I can drive it again. Though it has been nice not having to drive myself places :-P We might actually get JER fixed though, which would be WONDERFUL because I miss him!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Camping Trip

Me, Sabina, David and Laura all went camping Wednesday night and it was so much fun! Me and Sabina started the day by going to the barn and working with Justin on the ground. He's lost alot of weight and my saddle doesn't fit him anymore, grrrr... so anyways, then we went to Wal*mart and bought a bunch of Halloween decorations because they were so cute and SO cheap! We came back to my house and spent the day decorating for Halloween. I know it's early, but we're gonna wait till October to do the yard, so it also gives us time to prepare! ;)

After we finished decorating we went downstairs and we clogged for probably an hour or more. Sabina's doing awesome and we even did a little combination I put together. It was so fun! Then David showed up and got upset at us for not 'preparing' for our campout. I was a little perturbed, we still had plenty of daylight left AND maybe we wanted to do other stuff! So, I enlisted Sabina's help and got everything together and ready to go within about 30 minutes. We put it in "Ole Farmer" (the old blue truck) and just parked it down in the woods in the camping area so we could pull stuff off the bed as we needed. Turns out, we forgot a couple of items but only made three trips back up to the house. (once to get necessary stuff, the next to take Laura to the bathroom before we went to bed, and I went by myself to go tie Billybob back up! Piper and Buttercup were in heat) David built a fire and we cooked hotdogs and heated up spaghettios for dinner, topped off with some old marshmellows for dessert that really didn't turn out good. They wouldn't get gooey! You'd cook 'em for an hour, but you'd go to eat them and they were melted but still... hard. I'm not sure how to explain it, but they weren't very good. But David and Sabi couldn't get comfortable, Laura seemed to keep tossing and turning and I know that *I* couldn't sleep. I totally considered going to my bed! How terribly un-camping-like-spirit was that? Finally, I got up from my tossing anna enjoyed cooking them and feeding them to Laura! >.< onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">Some highlights:
*Me and Sabina went to the bathroom in the woods before we went to bed, after giving her a crash course on how to do it correctly.
Sabina leaping onto David in the middle of the night because she thought she felt a spider.
*Dixie taking away David's hotdog stick with the hotdog still on it while he was trying to find a bun. (even though we'd already fed her one!)
*Feeding Laura marshmellows.
*Finding a fuzzy caterpillar on my sweatshirt. >_>
*Dixie hopping into the tent while we were trying to roll up our sleeping bags and rolling around all over looking for some love.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Apple Festival!!!

The Apple Festival went GREAT! I kinda wish Mom'd taken pictures of us clogging, but instead she took a video of the WHOLE thing (which is posted below) so I guess that's fine. At least I can look back and see how I did! There's two master groups, ages 13 & under and 14& up and I expected the younger ones to be pretty dang good, plus I thought that they buck instead of normal singles (buck is a different version of a regular clogging step- faster and harder) because us older girls do bucks instead, but they were just doing normal clogging. They did pretty good for learning it in two or three weeks, but I don't think any of them smiled because they were so focused on their feet. Bless their hearts! But I can't say ANYTHING because us older girls' lines were jacked and our circle is severely jacked. Plus, I got messed up three times, haha! *sigh* Oh well, it was fun anyways! :-P Mom, Laura, and Sabina were there with me and Kristen showed up to watch too.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Beach Ride!!!

I just officially decided that "Yes, I AM going on the Beach Ride!" It's actually a Horseback Ride-a-thon on Myrtle Beach to benefit the American Heart Association. I just finished emailing my aunts and uncles, but for Sarah, Becca and Stephen, here's the url: CLICK
(if you're reading this) I asked everyone for about $5 or $10, which I figured wasn't a whole lot to ask. You don't have to donate, but it'd be appreciated since I haven't reached the minimum yet. :D

I'm super excited though, because I've always wanted to ride on the beach and now I can! My only problem is, I wish I had a professional photographer (or Sarah!) to take awesome pictures of this moment. *smiles dreamily* Hopefully Justin'll be the cool, calmly curious horse that he is most of the time when we're there so we can enjoy it fully. Dad and I are gonna take Justin and Twister (Brittney's horse) in the horse trailer and I assume he's going to stay with us the whole time. Which'll be fine, because I know he loves taking pictures!

Anyhoo, I need to go get ready for dance. Btw, here's a nice video of Brittney loping Justin. I have pictures of her and Sabina riding Justin at Shadow Ridge, but none of me on him! Gosh it sucks being the person always behind the camera! :-P

Monday, September 10, 2007

subjects of thought mass

I just finished doing an hour of schoolwork in my Chemistry book, and it was actually kinda fun! But that was only because it's in the chapter BEFORE you start doing Chemistry where it teaches you how to convert measurements, etc. Since I already know that stuff, it was an absolute breeze, but I'm sure once I actually start doing Chemistry I'll probably pass out from the effort.

Justin's doing great! Me and Him rode with Michelle, Jim (the lady who owns/takes care of the barn and her husband) and Julia (a girl from germany who came to work at the barn for the summer) and their three horses to Ferrystone and rode for 3 hours on the trail. Justin was very good, stood still while I brushed and tacked up and behaved perfectly on the trail. He even did at least 4 small creek crossings, which were all the FIRST time he's done a creek crossing. The first two he jumped, but the others he HAD to go through so he did - and FAST! But overall it was great, and he loaded up fine both ways. Now, we're going to focus on neck reining until we get it down, because I'm SICK of having to ride with two hands, so Saturday evening I went and just worked on turning to the left with the rein on the right side of his neck. We've never done so many circles and ovals in our life.

I'm missing my cousins from the family reunion. :( It was so super fun being there, but now I miss them. Or perhaps I miss having NO responsibility whatsoever and just being able to goof off completely. *shrug* I am looking forward to the Maryland Rennaissance Faire, which me, Kate, Brandy, Sara, Bryan and Sabina (maybe) are going to. I can't wait!!!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Guineas, Dancing, and Kristen oh my!

I need to blog more often. Dancing has been going great! In Clogging Class last week we started choreographing a simple routine to a bluegrass song to perform at the Apple Festival. And while the routine MAY be simple to learn, it won't be easy to do because the song is extremely fast and we have to do lots of bucks and triple bucks. Poopy. Other than that, my second class of Irish went well and Hip Hop is going swell. I just got some shorts I ordered especially for dance in the mail, can't wait to wear 'em! ;) No Clogging today though, classes are cancelled since its a holiday.

Last week I almost ran over two baby guineas that were in the gravel road right in front of our driveway. The poor thing just fell (course they're tiny, so there wasn't much height to fall from) and I snatched it up and found another one in the bushes nearby. I put them in one of our many chicken house/tractor/things with a light. Couple days later, the Momma Guinea with 8 more running behind her is just galavanting through the rain and they're getting soaked! By chance, she went on the OTHER side of the propane tank and I snatched 2 before she ran back and came at me! I put those with the others I had saved the other day, and then me and Brandy found 3 more stranded in their momma's wake, soaked to the bone. We spent a little more than 30 minutes blow drying them to warm them up. Eventually, they were all fine and I put them all together. Next day, Mom sees the other 3 that the guinea had with her still alive and decides to see if the ones I rescued would go back with their mom (so SHE doesn't have to deal with them, when I ALREADY told her I'd feed 'em, it's not hard!) and they did. Next morning, there's 9 instead of 10, later that day 4 instead of 9. Thanks Mom, REAL genius of ya. Maybe NEXT time she'll let me keep them SAFE! >_>

Anyways, me'n Brandy went and saw Kristen on Friday! I was supposed to go help Brandy at work so she could leave early, but I ended up accompanying Danielle to the store to go shopping for jeans (which was very enjoyable/fun) and then we took so long afterwards getting food and picking up Stephen's food from the deli that I only helped Brandy for about 1/2 hour before she was done at her USUAL time to get off work. So it really wasn't like I made a difference, but at LEAST we got to leave finally (thanks to Danielle offering to stamp the envelopes for us). Kristen showed us her dorm when we got there, and we went & ate at a place similar to Friendly's then got ice cream at Target. When we got back, we all ended up watching (Kristen and Brandy eventually falling asleep) Dicky Roberts. Next morning we ate at Cracker Barrel, got souveniers at the college's bookstore and then left taking Kristen with us. Her dad said he'd take her back the next day (Sunday). It was a fun trip!