Saturday, May 31, 2008

Apartmented at last!

So, this morning me'n Daddy went to the apartment building and signed all the forms I needed to. Then, I went up and met my roommates, and they were all so nice! Taleea basically tackled me as soon as I entered, it was so nice to be so well recepted! Then me and Dad went grocery shopping, and when we came back, I stayed and put stuff away and basically did all my unpacking and organizing while Dad went and did a session at the temple. Oh, I forgot that we went and got my i-card, my books and a pair of byu-idaho sweatpants from the bookstore before we went to the grocery store. Anyways! My i-team leaders came by (i-team leaders are part of each group of new students for the get connected activities for the first 2 days to get to know others and get used to campus) and invited me to the 3:30-4:30 Get Connected preview. I thought I probably should go, but... Taleea said she didn't go, and the people who I signed up for it with said nothing really happened till Monday, so I'll just attend that stuff on Monday.

Taleea finally got back, we hung out here for a bit with some of the other girls, then walked down to the local Park with Vanessa to visit Katie and just see it. There's a carousel there and a little water park area thing, it's really cute. Apparently though, it's a big couple hangout, one of the quite a few it seems. Afterwards, we went and walked all around campus, Taleea showed me around and helped me locate some buildings that I've got classes in. It's not a super big campus, but it still is big... 460 acres, I think they said. After that, we hung out at the apartment for a little bit then me, Katy, Taleea, Vanessa and Nathan (one of our FHE brothers) went and saw Prince Caspian (I saw it for the second time; the first time was with Bryan, Brandy and Bonnie). I actually got bored with the movie this time and while we were watching it, I was thinking about college, getting paranoid, getting homesick and getting kinda nervous/scared. But, once it was over, we went to Dominoes and ordered a couple pizzas, then ate them in the Lounge. I didn't stay long in the lounge though, because Dad got me and we went to Wal*mart and got a bunch of stuff I realized I needed AFTER I moved my stuff in. Plus, I got three pairs of shoes, because all I had with me were my brand new Brookes for running, my adidas, my flip flops and a pair of slippery black sunday shoes.

Anyways, I really like it, my roommates are all so nice. There's Vanessa, Katy, Cami, Taleea and Megan. Sometime I'll have the motivation to post pictures!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Purchases and Cousins

We left the Allred's yesterday in their small truck at about 10:30 and went to Orem. We were gonna go straight to Tina's, but Dad decided that we'd go find me a camera first. Well... we went to a Target, a Wal*mart, and a Best Buy in Orem and didn't find it. Target had the camera model, but it wasn't in stock. Wal*mart didn't have it in stock. Best Buy had one below the one I wanted and above the one I wanted. So then we backtracked to American Fork. Well, we went into the Best Buy there and I decided to get the one a smidgen below the one I originally wanted, which I ended up liking better anyways because its prettier and smaller. And we got a fast read SD card for it. Anyways, I had been meaning to get fitted for new running shoes at Fleet Feet in Roanoke before I left, but never got the chance. So I checked for them in Utah before we had flown and there was ONE in American Fork (but I wasn't sure if that's where it read it was). We asked everywhere we went to get a camera if anyone had heard about Fleet Feet, "Nope. Never heard of it." Well, I was a little bummed, but when we stepped out of Best Buy I looked to my right and THERE IT WAS! So I got fitted and purchased some new running shoes. YAY!

We ate lunch at Subway then went to Tina's house. I sat with Tina and Dad for a bit, April came by and hugged and fussed over me and we chatted for a bit until she left for school. It always takes awhile to warm up to your cousins, but eventually (after spending time with Aaron and Jared, the youngest as they played on I went into the boys' room and sat on the bed and talked to Jacob, Matt, Zack and Josh. The four of them, me and Jared eventually walked down to Hogi Yogi's I think it's called, where they proceeded to offer to buy me something and they themselves purchased shakes and cookie/ice cream sandwiches (which looked divine). I refused, which it helped to resist seeing April and her mom and how skinny they were. I'm gonna be skinny too! The walk down there was about 20 minutes but not very exerting... well, not exerting at all, it was all flat at a meandering pace and then slightly downhill. Tina picked us up.

I went to Julie's to say Hi, but the reception was not as enthusiastic as Tina's. Mark said hello from his office and then Lauren and Ashley were preoccupied with their friend but I sat and talked a little bit anyways until Julie came home. They were all pretty busy since they were getting ready to go to a piano recital, but Zack was probably the sweetest and most accomodating (he was the one who kept offering to buy me something at Hogi Yogi's and I thought it was sweet until I realized he had his Mom's credit card... hahaha). Oh, *adds note to put 'small homemade peanut butter cookie' on her eating list from yesterday* Then I walked back to Tina's when they were about to leave, had some Taco Soup and me and Dad got in the car and followed Tina's family to a local park where the BYU Management Society or something like that was having a free barbecue and silent auction raise tuition money for people on scholarships. It was just a bunch of families there, but not really that big of a group. We got some food (I just got side items since I'd already eaten taco soup) and then left. Tina and April made sure I made promises to come visit, and they're gonna check to see if anyone is coming down from Rexburg to there on the weekend of the 14th so I can be at Dan's farewell (he's going to Hong Kong!)

Then we rode back to Alma's and got there about 8:30 and it was still light! I love their house, it's so bright and cheery, they've got two birds (George and Figaro, George is mean.) that Nathan their son introduced us to, he lives in the house beside them with his wife they're both planning to be doctors and he just finished medical school. I went to bed around 11:30 I suppose... talked to Sabina for a bit, got my scriptures read, my teeth brushed and then kept busy until I stopped myself by reading the 3rd Vampirates book. I'll post pictures in just a minute.

Posting yesterday's journal entry

it's long... I'm just posting it because I want it posted, you don't have to read it.

The flying was not very interesting. Luckily, we got through all the airport security checks just fine (haha, ALL of them, there was only one!) and they had SOOOO many people there and nothing we had bothered them. Thank goodness! Then, we got a bagel with cream cheese, and each a bottle of water from a bagel shop in there, and I had a few healthy snacks packed, but I botched my eating plan later (read about it on the First class was cool, all the seats had a packaged small blanket, a small pillow and a bottle of water sitting on them. Then, they went around offering their ‘Beverage Service’ which I refused until later, when I got a club soda. I wasn’t sure what to order, but people were getting stuff from Tomato Juice to Diet Sprite to Coffee to Club Soda. So, when I heard Club Soda I asked for the same thing, and it was delicious! I also had the breakfast they offered, which was free… and wonderful. The lady next to me was an older lady named Dixie and she was real sweet. Her and I talked off and on, but mostly we just read. Taking off was AWESOME and I LOVED IT! I was so frustrated that it took us so long to meander down the runway to get to the spot where we got to go FAST, but we finally did and it was thrilling! Landing was also fun, but not as fun. Flying itself was just boring unless we had turbulence (which we did, twice) because it actually FELT like something.
I mostly read the whole time, looked out the window when there was a break in the fluffy white, got on my computer at one point and started typing up a horse training sheet for Sabina, for a few minutes watched 27 Dresses on the headphones I was offered. (Me: *watches the lady offer the headphones, on a PLATTER, then walk away* “Hey wait! Umm… do I have to pay for those?” Lady: “Pardon?” Me: “Do I have to pay money to use those?” Lady: *overly kind smile* “Just in coach! Not up front!” Me: “I’ll take a pair then”) But I didn’t use them for very long, because I couldn’t really see the movie screen for the glare, the sound was crackly, and I had to hold them against my ears to hear, and it wasn’t very interesting. By the time the flight was over, I was anxious to get off. Oh, and I don’t think the lady next to me was mormon, though she was very nice, but she did seem family-oriented, her husband was back in coach but he came up a few times and they just seemed to really love eachother (he seemed real sweet), AND she said she was going to see the Mormon Tabernacle Choir’s practice session.
Alma picked us up from the airport (luggage claim went just fine), oh and it was SO CUTE! At the end of the elevator there was a bunch of families with “WELCOME BACK ELDER [insert last name here]” that was so cute. There was also quite a few people that were holding up little signs for people too. I thought that was funny, but efficient I suppose. We then went to a Chinese buffet place and ate, then for about 4 hours walked around Temple Square, in the church office building, I went in the Tabernacle, went to a 20 minute organ concert thing (low key, they do it everyday, and I fell asleep I was so tired) in the conference center, etc. I’d been to all those places except IN the tabernacle before, so that was cool, but the rest was pretty much old news. Not that I didn’t enjoy it, but I was so dang tired I was having trouble staying energetically happy. Alma and Dad found two sister missionaries from Italy though and the four of them had a bunch of fun chatting in Italian. All the missionaries on temple square and all the other buildings around are all sisters and they have their name tag and a flag of the country they’re from hanging beneath it. It was really cool, they were all really nice (of course), it was a nice change to see dedicated spiritually excited missionaries… :-D
Finally, Alma had to go to his temple session (he conducts temple sessions in the Salt Lake Temple all the time, and all day Saturdays) so we took his car back to their house and while Dad slept on the couch I read and talked to Sabina for a little while. Then, when Robin got home (Alma’s wife and one of the nicest, accommodating people you’ll ever meet!) a little while later, we all chatted for a bit until my stomach really started growling and we all went to a burger joint and I ate unhealthily. The rest of the day was pretty much uneventful… well, we did go wait for Alma by parking and walking through this small park thing where the city creek ran through and they had a cute little pond with random islands growing trees in part of the creek’s path (with one lone duck swimming in it!). I talked to Jon for a bit as well, updated him on the fact that I’m not in Idaho yet. I wish I was though! Then, we got Alma, all came back to the house, and later the missionaries arrived. Apparently, the missionaries around here are staying at member’s houses now and so the Allred’s have a set. They’re both VERY cute, one’s from Canada and the other’s from Arizona.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

BYU-I Trip Phase 1 - Comfort Suites

So, me'n Dad left around 3:00, when we meant to leave around 2:00... oh well! I attempted to sleep for at least 1.75 hours of the 3.00 hour trip, but it passed pretty uneventfully. Then, we arrived at Comfort Suites, the place where we're staying, and WOW! Man it is NIIIIIIIIICE!!! It's got a pool and a jacuzzi outside (thank heaven Monday was Memorial Day!), 5 floors (each one has a presidential suite and two executive suites), an exercise room, breakfast (that we WON'T get to have, since we're heading out before 6am) from 6-9:30am, a beautiful fountain out front, and if it ain't in the ritzy-ist part of town! I love it. For those who don't know, I LOVE staying at hotels - especially nice ones - and I'm so excited that it has a pool! I've been wanting to swim in a hotel's pool since last year when we went on the family reunion and stayed in 5+ different hotels. But we ALWAYS got in too late and out too early, so I'm glad that we got here at 6:00!

After we got here and checked in, went up and dumped our load of luggage, we scouted out food. Luckily, Dad didn't want a restaurant setting, so we went to Arby's! Why was I so enthusiastic about eating at a typical fast-food restaurant while on VACATION?! Calories. That's it. I was really dreading going to a restaurant and facing temptation and not knowing the calories (because I had no idea where we were going and couldn't look up their nutrition facts on line first!) but luckily, gratefully, thankfully, Dad wanted to go to something quick so we went to Arby's. I got a Martha's Vineyard Salad that I had looked up nutrition info about a week or so ago for mine and Olyvia's Arby's trip with like 272 calories and only used a little less than half of the 100 calorie pack of ranch dressing. Then I drank water. (I did eat 5 lemonsnaps before we left, but that was only 120 calories so I probably consumed a 450 calorie dinner... not too bad.)

I was considering using the exercise room, but I couldn't find it on the map and I don't feel like asking. But I still might... depends on how quickly my food settles. Anyways, I'm gonna go dress for the pool!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Justin's Birthday!

So yesterday was Justin's birthday, his 6th Birthday! Wow! Six years on this earth, it's hard to believe! And I met him just when he was TWO weeks old! So, I've really known him from his birth... what a cutie.

I celebrated it with him by making Horsey Cupcakes (which I altered and then almost completely re-did the 'icing' recipe, I felt like a chef!) with molasses frosting, which it made about 12 so I shared one between all the goats; Me, Mom and Dad tried one (they had carrots, flour, bran, sugar, water, molasses, nothing unedible); and all six horses at Ann's got one (Justin got two!). Mom told me to sing him Happy Birthday, but I just told him...alot. :) It was so fun celebrating his birthday like that, I felt like a little kid! I let him loose in the barn/ring/"stable yard" area to nibble on the grass for a while, and I fed him there too instead of in his pen. He was a good boy, I brushed him and untangled his mane and took some pictures... it was fun. :-P

Then today I tied him to the intertube on the tree in Ann's backyard for patience, and he did pretty good. I was brushing and saddling Rayme while he was tied over there, so when I was done prepping her for riding, I went over to him, brushed him for a little bit, he stood still the whole time (didn't spend too much time on it) and so I went ahead and let him loose in the stable yard area to graze while I rode Rayme in the round pen. She did pretty good, and since Ann said I could borrow one of her horses for the beach ride (awesome!) I'm probably gonna take Rayme. I like her because she's not as small as Roxie (who's like 13-14 hands pony size) and I'm not sure if I'll be able to get Cowgirl as trained as she really ought to be by the beach ride.

I ended up trying on another one of Ann's saddles on Justin, tied the stirrups together so they wouldn't flap around, then hitched two lunge lines through the stirrups and on either side of his halter and long lined him for a bit. He did really well, especially with turns, but the problem is there is no flat, clear area big enough to work in (except maybe the front yard, but I can't ride/work him there!) and I was in his hilly pen.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

I feeeeeeel good!

Okay, so guess what? TALEEA's my ROOMMATE!!!!! *SQUEALS* She's my friend from our stake - who is also out at BYU-Idaho - and she's my roommate! Okay, so it's not just chancey lovely coincidence, I actually found out what Apartments she was in, signed a lease and requested with fingers crossed to room in at LEAST the same apartment with her (each apartment has 3 bedrooms) and by golly she sent me and email and we're in the same ROOM! YAY! And we might have the same soccer class, so that'll be SO nice having someone I know to help get me adapted to life on campus.

Anyways, I feel good! Y'know why? Everyday this week (tomorrow and Saturday included ;D) I've eaten good (only a few messups but not majorly), worked out, and gotten schoolwork done. I accomplished my goal and am now done with Government, now I just have 16 days (minus two sundays, so really 14 days) to finish my Chemistry! ... :( Hopefully that'll be alright.

So here's some pics of comparison (the above quite a few months ago playing rockband, the most recent full-body-without-renaissance-clothing-pic I had), and a pic of me eating a healthy snack I made (does my face look thinner or is just my imagination?)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I'm such an idiot...

So my day was going wonderfully until... I had the nerve to break my laptop's keyboard and scratch the screen!!!

My laptop was open on my desk, and I was holding a big journal and a few elementary school year books that I was attempting to sorta toss onto the highest shelf... then then came crashing down onto my laptop...
As you can see, the whole top right corner of my laptop is bent in, the \ button is broke off, the backspace button is scratched and hard to push down, and there's a scratch on the screen (that you can't see, oh and btw I took the picture w/my webcam due to lack of digital camera by using my JC Penny handheld mirror, nifty eh?) Anyways, another one of my stupid rash decisions has caused something to be broken or someone to get hurt, or in this case, hurt emotionally. I'm such a idiot I can't believe it so now I get to use my broken keyboard. Mom said we could (or more like she snappily/exasperatingly suggested) give it to Laura and get a new one, but I don't want them to do that. The buttons still work... somewhat.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Needing Update

I'm so bad for not writing on this in ages! I need to get into a habit of it, so that when all my school-related woes come I can blog about them whilst I sit pitifully, homesick and sad in Idaho all by my lonesome.

Update on Justin's eye: It just recently got worse after getting better. We moved him to Ann's, and after fasting and alot of prayer, I'm now able to put meds in his eye. (and he stands still while I do it! - by prying his eye open and wiping it in with my finger) I did his eye 3x daily for a bit, then twice a day, now it got worse so we're back to 3 x daily and putting Atropine in it 2 x daily to dilate his pupil to increase blood flow or something like that. *crosses fingers* Let's hope it'll be significantly better before I leave for college...

On a bit of a lighter, yet somehow not-so-light-er note, I've just been working on my packing list for school. WOW! There is SO much stuff I have to think about, and I'm only gonna be there for 6 weeks! There's clothes, medicines, toiletries, stuff for the apartment itself, food (I'm making a grocery list so I'll have it, and I'm gonna make some meal plans), but half the stuff food-wise and kitchen-wise I have to wait till I get there because I don't know if my roommates will have certain kitchen stuff, or if they'll share food, or what! It's kinda confusing/frustrating/exASPERATING the fact that I'm moving in halfway through the semester, so EVERYONE'll be established except me. And I can't just barge in and say "Hey, all the pots/pans are mine because I like to eat healthy and therefore some of the time fix my own food- yes I can cook!" or "Yep, all that food's mine, you can have some if you'd like, just let me know or ask" because I have no idea if the refridgerator is gonna already be full of everyone else's food or if the cabinets are gonna be bulging with everyone else's crap, etc.

*sigh* I hope I'm going about this the right way for now, what doyall think?