Sunday, February 12, 2012

Oh Sundays

Oh Sundays... I'm sitting here, listening to Libera, a music group of young boys from the UK singing "Be Still My Soul" they are AMAZING!!! I made some valentines for my roommates for Valentine's Day and I also have candy to give them with it, yay! Church was really good, all the lessons were wonderful and the speakers were amazing. One thing I really liked was a quote that Emily shared in her talk: "When we worry about the future, we become discontent in the present." Or something to that effect. I really liked it. I'm also getting a group together today at about 3:30pm to go visit the old folks up the road at the Care and Rehab place. Should be fun! :-P

Yesterday, I got SOME homework done, but not enough. I shall suffer the effects tomorrow morning as I desperately try to finish some homework before class. That's okay though, I deserve it and I actually have alot more time tomorrow than I thought I would. So, that is a BLESSING!!!

Last night Amy, Myra, Shea and I went out to get custard. Well, we decided that we wanted some fries too, so I thought the $2.50 fries were probably rather small, so I asked for other options and there was a "Bottomless" fry for $6.40 that came with a "Concrete" and she would point to this cup on the counter. I thought, "What on EARTH is a CONCRETE?!" But I decided it was probably the container they went in or something, so I just told her that and then told her I wanted a small custard. "It comes with a concrete" she told me, not writing down my small custard, "Okay," I said, "I want a small custard." It comes with a CONCRETE, she said, pointing again to the cup... "OH!!!!" I realized she meant a concrete was the name for the LARGEST SIZE CUSTARD they had! BARF! I got it anyways, vanilla custard with cheesecake bits. I made sure everyone had some of mine since it was huge and I didn't finish it all, thank goodness! At least now I know what a concrete is, and I'm never purchasing that again unless I get it to share with someone else.

I have an Anatomy and Physiology test that opens on Monday and closes on Wednesday (I'll probably take it Tuesday night), then an Anat & Phys Lab test on Thursday, and a Chemistry test that probably opens Thursday and closes Friday (I will take it on Friday). YAY! I will get an A on all of these tests. I am determined and I will do everything possible to GET an A.

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