Sunday, February 19, 2012

Small Changes

I'm going to improve this week, and I am now going to set a Spiritual, Physical, Educational and Emotional goal for myself.

Spiritual Goal:

Study scriptures for 30 minutes daily

- Preferably 30 minutes in morning, or may do 15 mins in morning and 15 mins later in the day

Educational Goal:

Do 30 minutes of homework in the library everyday

-Even if I just go and sit for 30 minutes, that's okay. I want to get into a habit of it, and learn to enjoy the library.

Physical Goal:

Don't eat after 8pm

May eat sugar Friday night thru Sunday

-Brush teeth before 8pm
-Ask roommates to honestly help me
-Decide now to turn down any sweets offered
-Be happy about it!!! :)

Emotional Goal:

Go to bed at 10:00pm or 11:30pm at latest if have homework

-If homework can be completed the next day, go to bed now
-If have homework to finish, go to bed at 11:30pm

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