Sunday, February 19, 2012

Weekend Review

So church was good today. This weekend has been good so far. Friday evening I took a Chem test, and am pretty sure I got a high 70 or low 80, rather disappointing. I want to go talk to my chemistry teacher about a certain part that I was really miffed about, because I didn't realize that it would be on the test in such great detail. We sorta talked about it, but in my test review the things he told us to go over did NOT have that specific part written down. Myra, Shea and I were taken by Maria Laguna ( I visit teach her, she lives above us) and her friend Jeff who is blind, to Coldstone!! Myra and I used this coupon to get one free, so instead of being smart, we got the BIGGEST size and STUFFED ourselves. But it was the only food we had eaten that dinner time. Afterwards I went and watched a soccer movie with Maria's apartment.

Yesterday, I got up and went to the grocery store and talked to Mom the entire time I was there, shopping and such. Afterwards, I cleaned, cleaned, cleaned and then did homework for 2 1/2 hours, then I fooled around on a RPG site, then I did my Anat & Phys homework and then, Myra, Shea and I went to the gym and played basketball! We just played around, running around, shooting baskets. Myra is so good at basketball (she's played forever) so she was trying to help us. I think I might've improved slightly.

We then watched X-men 2, and then I went to bed kinda... I ended up watching Lost in Austen for a little bit on my bed and then I realized I had to teach this morning!!! I had completely forgotten and I was so distracted by the movie that I didn't read it but planned to wake up early and do it. So... I thought "Oh, I'll go to bed at 1am" because it was like 12:15. Then, near to 1am, I was not wanting to go to sleep, but RIGHT at 1am, Netflix somehow just shut off! I believe it was a sign to get off! Thank you Heavenly Father.

I woke up way early like 6:23am I rolled out of bed, showered and was reading my lesson and eating an egg with cheese at 7am. Then, Shea got up and I walked with her to the church because it's like a 20 minute walk away and she has to go early before everyone else (and all our other roommates get a ride closer to the start time from a guy in our ward) to print off the program for that Sunday.

So I was super tired and falling asleep in sacrament meeting, and I wasn't really prepared for my lesson but it turned out to be very spiritual. Almost everyone shared a very spiritual experience of their conversion to this gospel and its truthfulness, and the Spirit was so strong. And I thought, it's probably a good thing I wasn't so prepared, because it opened the way for the Spirit to really enter and touch each of the girls. I was so grateful to the Lord for that.

And then we came home and snacked on my chicken wings/back that had been cooking for 24 hours, I had been cooking it down to get the broth. So now I have like a pint and a half of chicken broth! Homemade! It's SO cool! And Heather, my other roommate made some divine chicken, couscous and banana bread for us for dinner, invited her boyfriend Peter and a girl in an apartment upstairs who is the ONLY one home in her apartment this weekend.

It's a 3-day weekend, by the way. We don't have school tomorrow (YAY!!! I can get HOMEWORK DONE!!!) and so TONS of people went home or somewhere else.

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