Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Rant or Vent

I feel the need so MUCH to rant, vent and rave!!! I have an Anatomy and Physiology test that opened Monday and closes tomorrow, and yes, I'm going to take it tomorrow. Well, I'm being kicked in the butt by the fact that even though I did quite a bit of homework last Saturday, I didn't do enough. I feel like I am ALWAYS making mistakes, or finding out, "How NOT to do something" and it's always kicking me in the butt. Yes, I have A's in Anatomy, Child Development and Family Foundations right now, but I only have a B in Chemistry and life is just so hard!!!!

And my roommate has her boyfriend over. I don't WANT a boyfriend, but sometimes I am envious because she has someone to spend time with and serve as an excuse to NOT do homework. Bad excuse, I know, and it would kick me in the butt later. I need to become a better student and LIVE at the library, but I get so hungry and SO BORED at the library!!!!

I want to cry, scream and vent to someone who will just LISTEN to me and be there for me and let me sob and cry about everything. But I don't have anyone currently who will do that, or maybe I just feel weird doing that. I only really do that with my mom, and I'm not sure why. Sometimes if it gets too much, I will vent to whoever is near me, and only once have I vented to Taleea, my best friend! Well, maybe more than once, but only once was I SO frustrated and felt like I had no one, so I called her up and vented. She was wonderful and supportive, but I felt so awkward and I'm not sure why.

So now I'm going to watch a movie on netflix whilst doing Chemistry Homework.

AND I am going to change! I'm going to set easy to reach goals next week about going to the library.

I have to study at the library for 30 minutes everyday.

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