Thursday, February 28, 2008

My Latest Husband Checklist

Okay, so I have to admit, I've been watching lots of romance movies (most of which end up with hearwarming weddings and kids). Don't worry though, it hasn't gotten me desperate OR depressed because I'm "alone" *sticks out tongue at word 'alone'* which I think is silly, I want to remain single for awhile yet and just have some fun!

What it HAS done, is made me think alot about my future husband and what qualities I want him to have:

-Return missionary, OR at least a faithful Latter-day Saint with a strong testimony of the gospel, Jesus Christ, etc. who will go to church for himself and not for anyone else
-Has to be a cowboy or definently horse-oriented/horseback riding/ or willing and anxious to learn about horses and to ride
-Either a clean southern man with a southern accent, OR a native american, OR irish, OR italian (and I mean those with their accompanying accents)
-Preferably a good singer
...but at least has to know how to dance, or is willing and anxious to learn
-Tall, much taller than me seeing as how I want tall sons
-Brown hair or darker (as this is sort of a superficial request, as is the 'tall', it is flexible and depends on the person) seeing as how I dream of having the first black/dark brown haired baby/toddler/kid in our family (can't ya just see a cute little girl with dark brown hair pulled into braids?)

And last of all:

I need my first kiss to be under mistletoe, all complete with sparkling Christmas lights. I've decided that it's the ONLY way I will accept my first kiss, and it helps me resolve to not just let ANY guy kiss me. Though I'm doing a good job at keeping my kiss-free lips so far. (hahahahaha, no kidding)

And he has to propose good. For heaven's sakes he's got to be creative, I mean, it's gotta be something I'll remember forever.

*sighs dreamily* Okay! I'm out of my romantic mood now, this post was more of a distraction from something else anyways. I just thought I better blog this junk to show future generations.


I've always wondered if I will be the type of person to ignore my friends if I ever get a boyfriend. It's a curiousity since I've never had the experience. But it's been on my mind alot lately, 'specially if there's some lone nerd that has no friends at BYU Idaho that I end up taking pity on, befriending and then of course having to fall in love with them because they're so cute and no one else is available. I just read a book though called "As Always, Dave" and I've thoroughly decided that I simply canNOT marry a man from Utah or Idaho, or that fits the criteria and mindset of a typical mormon guy. And I mean the not-so-delightful typical mormon guy, the kind that is SO mormon and not so much like a NORMAL person.

So this means I'll have to find an out-of-state nerd, even if he's from Oregon :-P


A fresh newly bound spiral notebook that is full of blank pages is so satisfying to open. You can take your brand new pen and just write. Most of the time though, the pages end up covered with you and all your friends' full names written in print, cursive and in that little curly text you learned writing love letters to a crush in 6th grade.

And no, I do not speak from experience. My admirations have always leaned towards the more fuzzier species of males.


One can only mourn the loss of privacy as they choose to relay their innermost thoughts, doubts, self and other criticisms, fears and distresses on a public blog. An actual paper journal requires too much hand strength, I'm afraid, to tempt me to write in it every time I need to spill words. So I will have to satisfy myself with being consciously vague as I sit here with a thesaurus and depict what is happening within my brain.

Everyone - I personally believe - is entitled to their own self pity party every-once-in-a-while. Not a public pity party where they invite the sorrows and condolences of the outside world to rain down on their expressed distresses, but a personal and self pity party. This would be one where you feel sorry for yourself, allow sodium based liquid to drizzle quietly, and where you treat yourself to one or many indulgences that would normally make you feel guilty as soon as thought entertains them. By this I mean: eating excessive amounts of food (mostly the yummy stuff we shouldn't touch like sugars and partially hydrogenated oils); having a spur-of-the-moment movie marathon; staying up all night reading; allowing yourself to stay online all night; playing hours of playstation until your eyes burn and your head throbs with one of those dreaded "behind the eyes" headaches, or the like! Except for buying yourself stuff, that is one thing for which you should always feel guilty. You can always eat better, get up and exercise, and even start going to bed earlier. But you can't replace money - so I've unfortunately learned. >.<
Anyways, so it's been ages since I've sponsored one of these affairs, and so I do tonight. Although, due to newly brushed teeth, I shall keep to reading a book all night instead of inhaling exorbant amounts of food.

Why the need for it? The idle monotony of today has created boredom; vain anticipation caused me to unwillingly neglect my equine; my parents decided to ruin the plans that I had planned by saying they were going out, then they didn't, but my engagements were fruitless and in vain; the sluggish speed at which our internet moves has made cause for irritation and utterhelplessness, so I ended up ending something I was just beginning to enjoy and -THUS- adding another reason on my list of 'Subtle Divisons' from my elder siblings and in-laws. So, now I am completely disappointed in ten more ways than one and I must retire to my bed where I can pity myself all night long and awake in the morning at ANY time I choose since I have no work.

Ya know, for Thursday night being my new "Friday" night (seeing as how I work Saturday mornings but not Friday mornings) it pretty much SUCKED today.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I want it really bad!

I'm waiting for my packet of info about my Major from BYU Idaho, my registration packet for the home Showing stuff from Aspen, "Celtic Feet" from a seller on Amazon, "Jean Butler's Master Class" from a DIFFERENT seller on Amazon, and there was something else but I can't remember. :( Hopefully it all comes soon, I'm daggone anxious!!!

Speakin' of which... I need to go order some equine supplies. And I KNOW that Jeffers Equine is reliable and quick!

Monday, February 25, 2008

More To-Do Lists

I am forever making more and more To-Do lists, but they help me immensely. So far I've done everything but 4 things on my To-Do list, and sadly will only finish 3 of them. One is to work on Laura's Sunday book for an hour and a half, but it's already 4:00 and I've still got to finish scrubbing/cleaning my shower, exercise and get Mom to order my final exam for Government.

Anyways, I've attempted to step back up into motivated-successful-active days again! I did so well the two weeks before last, but last week I just slugged off! For one, I was utterly sore from work, so I only exercised twice, and Sarah and them came Tuesday so I stayed up till midnight and then Saturday night I stayed up till like 5:00am!!! >.< Last night I went to bed at 10:45. I'm working on going to bed earlier and earlier so I can wake up at 7:00 without problems! I would've exercised this morning when my alarm went off at 7am, but I turned it off then closed my eyes and when I opened them, by golly it was 7:50!!!! I really do NOT remember falling asleep or keeping them closed for longer than 5 minutes! Usually, when I do something like that I realize "Hey Mary, you cheat you really did fall asleep or kept your eyes closed for 45 minutes" but this time I didn't even realize it! I don't remember falling asleep or dreamin' or anything! Which is crazy, because if I do that I usually have a short dream.

Anyways, sorry there's no pictures, I guess I'll find one to add later so that Sarah can read my blog. >_>

Thursday, February 21, 2008


I told Jennifer (my dance teacher) today that I wouldn't be able to do recital. GEEZ! I'd been SO afraid to tell her because I thought she'd get mad. Well, she was a little like "Gosh, well I'm not sure what I'm gonna do/I can't change the choreography!" talking about the clogging dance, and I felt terrible. Then she turned kinda saddish (although it was like sad fake crying with a pouty lip thing) and she made me feel so bad I wanted to cry! I'm not that sad about not doing the recital or finishing the dance year, I'm excited to go to college!!! But I do regret it a little. I really was excited for the recital, determined to have a good tight 5th position and kick my butt EVERY time I did a single back or triple in Irish. And then Jennifer was like "Don't let yourself feel bad, after all it's church and you need to put what you believe in first. I understand, it's God and you need to do what you put first." Wow. I guess she thinks I'm going to church school to learn about church or become a Preachess!!!! Hahahahahaha! My explanation was a bit dramatized though, just so she'd take pity on me, and I ain't ashamed to admit it. I am EXCITED to go to BYU Idaho and I don't want anyone to bring me down!

Kristen did say she'd take my place in recital so Jennifer doesn't have to change it. YES! I love Kristen, she's the BEST! Only problem is Jennifer wants me to make sure that it won't conflict with her job at the YMCA and that she'll be able to come to a couple of classes. Luckily, Jennifer says she has another alternative if Kristen isn't able to do it after all. *PHEW* Thank goodness! Bless Kristen's heart. She's the bomb.

Due to sore muscles, tiredness, lack of motivation, dry skin, coldness, etc. I am EXCITED that I don't have to work tomorrow morning! YAY! And it's only nearing the end of my first week there! hahahahahaha

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Kah-day-oh and Werk

I just did 5 minute warm-up, 20 minutes cardio, and a 5 minute cool-down. All to this "Dance" music CD I got from Wal*mart ages ago! It's got good beats on every song, which makes it nice to exercise to or clog to. Somehow, I kept it up despite my gasping breaths as I jogged around the house. xP

Now I have to go put on britches and head to work. There's horses to feed and policies to go over (staff meeting too-dey) Luckily though, Michelle Holling-Brooks (my boss's boss, and therefore my boss as well) said that since I was only going to be gone to school for six weeks, that she'd try to find someone to replace me JUST during that period. How nice of her! That's exactly what I was HOPING she'd say!

So now I work at the Roanoke Valley Therapeutic Riding's Barn Monday-Thursday mornings and Saturday mornings as a "barn employee"; I grain five horses, hay them all, clean the barn and fill their water trough. AND I'm going to BYU Idaho May 31st for check-in in my dorm and classes start June 4th- YIKES! Scary stuff!

Friday, February 15, 2008


Since Sarah just told me (as her whole fam, Maggie Moo included, dropped by on their way to Tennessee) that a blog without pictures is a blog that doesn't get read. Well, since I haven't taken any pictures recently (except for some of Justin on Laura's cam that I have yet to upload) I'll show yall what I did with Mom's new laptop the other day.

So, her computer has this webcam built in, that's really cool! You have the mirror affect (which I used to make myself a twin, or make my face funny); flames (I am on fire); snow falling; different city scenes; a tour through space; one was 'Flying Hero' but none of the pics turned out real well; and a sheep head and others. It was really fun to play with.

As you can see, there are aLOT that I took and I just couldn't pick a favorite!

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Wow. Boy, do I wanna go to BYU Idaho right now! I'm so excited that I was finally accepted but now, waiting for my TRACK ASSIGNMENT to be decided and sent in the mail is killin' me! I have no closure! No date of anticipation! Nothing! Are they trying to drive me mad with anxiousness? Or anxiety...? Not sure of the word I'm looking for. But, I've spent the last couple hours straight looking at housing stuff, meal plans, maps of campus, off-campus housing, classes, minors, majors, all their activities, pictures of activites, anything related to EQUINES that I can find. It's driving me insane! I want to go NOW, yet at the same time I really wish someone was coming with me. I've no doubt I'll be kinda nervous, but I will do it, it'd just be nice if more people were at BYU Idaho. It seems like everyone goes to BYU, and only a few go to BYU I.

Couple new things: Justin's left eye is weeping, third eyelids on both eyes have been about 1/2 cm over his eye for the past month or so, and right eye has been red for the past month or so. Now I'm treating them both with a tea made from the herb Eyebright *crosses fingers* hope it works! Went to see him for the 3rd time this week today, did his eyes and worked with him on the ground. Done Parelli with him Monday, Tuesday and now Thursday and he's significantly improved (he's been obnoxious and bratty these days...). Hoorah! I'll give his eyes a week (I'm going to personally go to the barn to treat them twice a day) and then I'm calling the vet if the eyebright isn't helping.

I start training for the barn job -tentatively- Saturday at 9am. The barn manager is supposed to call me if she can't find someone to watch her kids, which we'll switch it to Monday if she is unsuccessful. Chemistry is going fine, although I've only worked on it once this week... >.< My room is clean after three-four weeks of it weighing on my mind - yay! I exercised everyday last week, and everyday - so far - this week, except for this morning because I was super-lazy and in my defense, I get a KILLER workout at Irish and today is just a cardio day, not a strength training/cardio day. I still need to improve my eating habits, I've been at 173.4 pounds for a looooong time and I want to see the 60's again! Mom ordered me two denim skirts, a black undershirt, a button up shirt and another shirt from Old Navy YAY! Me'n Kristen went shopping last week as well and I got stuff from Old Navy, St. Patrick's day earrings'n'such from Claire's, and finally some black shoes for church from Payless.

Ugh. I just had another wave of anxiousness to go to BYU Idaho. >_>

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


I didn't go visit Justin yesterday. v_v I feel like a bad horse owner! And it was such a lovely day too! Well, I'll just have to make up for it by visiting him today, and let's hope that it won't rain before me and him go on a ride and that the ground won't be too muddy.

Wow, today's wind feels utterly refreshing. It's overcast (my favorite!), cool (meaning 60's... disappointing for February, but not disappointing as weather), and the breeze is light, cold and fresh. I really like it, makes me all pensive and emotional. Makes me feel like "riding to high peak of yonder mount and feeling the wind caress my face as I gaze upon the valley stretched before me." Aha! Sounds nice, don't it? :-D I'm on my way to being a Novelist! ;) I love to write dramatic but vivid little thingys like that. Now, if I can just expand to writing a whole book...

My Chemistry is done for today! My exercising was done this morning! And I found, while most workout videos bore me because you're constantly doing something (whether cardio, weights, etc.) for 30 minutes straight, that Prevention's 3-2-1 Workout really isn't boring for me at all! I get bored so easily when I exercise: treadmill, 35+ minute workout videos, "irishing" downstairs. So it's nice that this workout doesn't bore me, and it's fun! It's 3 minutes of cardio, 2 minutes of strength training, and 1 minute of core body/ab movements. That small routine is put in six different segments where you work different parts of your body in the strength training part. I just wish it had a 'thighs' section, and I wish the "glutes" workout worked them a little bit more... but oh well! That's another one of my problems, I do a workout video and wish it had different workouts to work different things.

Oh! I just forgot! I have a book I want to finish devouring!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Exercise! Motivation! Yoy! ^^

I am motivated, and I know it's only because the Lord is helping me. Even in the past when I've exercised for 10 weeks straight (and then quit xP) I still wasn't motivated for other things. But this time I am! I pray each night for me - and the family - to have motivation to do the things we need to do that day, and by golly if Heavenly Father hadn't blessed us with motivation! Yesterday I got everything on my To-Do List done. Wow. Even at the height of motivation, I have never gotten everything on it completed, but I did yesterday. (okay, excluding a minor optional thingy) And today, I've done so well that I've already gotten my Chemistry and Exercising done for today. I started all of this yesterday, by the way... so I've got awhile to go before its all set in stone as a habit, but it WILL happen. Now I just need to convince myself to go clean my room, eh?

Next line of business (as I finish my courses before May 30th, finish Personal Progress, and wait to be accepted at BYU Idaho) is finish training Justin: completing his neck reining training, pick up his hind feet without kicking (tied, crosstied and untied), standing still while saddling, and lowering his head for the bridle. I've also ordered a Trick Training book for Justin that seems to follow the rules of Natural Horsemanship, because he's so curious, loves to play with things and I think he'd do well to put some of his playfulness to good use by learning tricks! Now, I just need to keep myself from getting too anxious/excited and only teaching him tricks; he really shouldn't have 'trick training' more than 10-15 minutes a day at max.

Other line/s of business is that I'm going to make my own workout video. No, don't laugh! I want and need to practice Clogging and Irish, but it's a pain to follow a workout I've written down. If I'm watching something, it'll be easier. I already know how I can do it, the problem is trying to find an area big enough and free of obstruction enough to film it. I'm going to use Mom's camera, record each segment (warmup, routine 1, routine 2, etc, and cooldown/stretch) separately, then take them into Windows Movie Maker and put the music that I clogged to and put it all together. Because, if you record someone clogging with music, the music won't be loud enough if you're watching it to clog to yourself. I'm also going to put the next steps across the screen instead of saying it. I'm really excited to do it! I'm going to make an Irish one too, or I might just add an irish segment. Clogging around is fine to warm up for Irish, although there are calf, shin and ankle warmups you need to include. I'm hopefully gonna start writing down the outline, minutes, songs, moves and routines that'll be on it today. AFTER I accomplish the stuff on my To-Do List! :-D

Okay, so the LAST line of business is writing a novel. I know I said I would write one that pertained to real life, but... I think I'm going to write a fantasy novel. ^_^ I can't get different fantasy stories out of my head, so I think that's where I'm going to go. My ideas now seem to surround a story with the point of view being an animal. I don't know if it'll be like an Animal's world or the real world with people and the animal just happens to be in it and telling it from its perspective. Probably an Animal's world, I like that idea. I've written stories (that's how I describe roleplaying) from horses', wolves', and even cougars' perspectives and I like how expressive animals are. It's fun to describe all the different body parts and how they move in relation to their emotions and expressions.